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  1. 謝浩明: It was 16 degrees Celsius. After I ate foods in Acsa, I strolled in Splendid China Mall to watch Brazil vs Serbia world cup on a large television. (06-27 17:25) 回复
  2. 枫情莲语: 生命犹如幻中幻--尘世相逢谁是谁--父母未生谁是我--一息不来我是谁 (06-27 14:27) 回复
  3. 謝浩明: It was 10 degrees Celsius. Before I watched Nigeria vs Argentina on television in Splendid China Mall, I strolled in Acsa to eat meal. (06-26 17:13) 回复
  4. 枫情莲语: 恰恰用心时,恰恰无心用,无心恰恰用,常用恰恰无 (06-26 09:15) 回复
  5. 謝浩明: It was 13 degrees Celsius. After I ate foods in Ehm, I strolled in a Sheraton hotel to watch Portugal vs Iran world cup. (06-25 18:46) 回复
  6. 阿莲: Don’t be concerned with the distance of the journey. Every new step provides a new view; every new destination creates new joy. 怕什么路途遥远。走一步有一步的风景,进一步有一步的欢喜。 (06-25 16:30) 回复
    1. 枫情莲语: (06-28 17:42) 回复
    2. 阿莲: 谢谢亲的关注 (06-28 19:56) 回复
    3. 枫情莲语: :) (06-29 08:58) 回复
  7. 阿莲: No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin. They can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart. 没有人生来就因为肤色去憎恨别人。每个人都可以学会去 (06-24 15:43) 回复
  8. 謝浩明: It was 17 degrees Celsius. I employed computer to surf on internet at home. (06-24 15:00) 回复
  9. 謝浩明: it was 16 degrees Celsius. I stayed home to watch youtube on internet. (06-23 17:01) 回复
  10. 謝浩明: It was 23 degrees Celsius. After I ate meal in Acsa, I strolled in Splendid China Mall to watch Switzerland vs Serbia on a big television. (06-22 17:33) 回复
  11. 阿莲: We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. 身在井隅,心向璀璨。 (06-22 15:33) 回复
  12. 左灯: 听歌 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrVDATvUitA (06-22 00:01) 回复
  13. 嘉日华: 墨攻去哪儿了? (06-21 22:32) 回复
  14. 嘉日华: 謝浩明等每天在这里汇报他的动态,大家的心情记录成了他个人的毫无任何意义的私人活动记录,是否有点不地道叻 (06-21 22:15) 回复
  15. 謝浩明: It was 15 degrees Celsius. Before I strolled in St Timothy Church to eat foods, I watched Frances vs Peru on television in Acsa. (06-21 17:01) 回复
  16. 枫情莲语: 1. 恰恰用心时,恰恰无心用,无心恰恰用,常用恰恰无。 (06-21 09:07) 回复
  17. 阿莲: The world always makes way for the dreamer. 世界总为梦想者让路。 (06-21 06:45) 回复
  18. 謝浩明: It was 14 degrees Celsius. While people were watching Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia, i ate meal to eat in Acsa. (06-20 16:41) 回复
  19. 阿莲: Do not let your dream be dream. 别让你的梦想只成为梦想。 (06-20 13:30) 回复
  20. 謝浩明: It was 17 degrees Celsius. When people watched Poland vs Senegal world cup on television in Acsa, I strolled there to find a seat. (06-19 16:23) 回复