2014-2015 P.A. Days艺术营火热推出!

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P.A. Days艺术营火热推出!

Now Enrolling, P.A. Days Art Camp 2014-2015 / Limited Enrollment

P.A. Days2014/2015艺术营火热推出!名额有限!

Artsky 2014/2015 P.A. Day 艺术营现在已经开始注册!




Artsky offers fun learning activities for children every P.A. day in 2014/2015. Please check out our schedule as follows:

1.September 22, 2014(Monday):

AM: About Reptiles /爬行动物知识学习

PM: Reptiles Art Project/爬行动物艺术创作

2. October 27, 2014(Monday):

AM: About Plants /植物知识学习

PM: Plants Art Project/植物艺术创作

3. November 14, 2014(Friday):

AM: About Climate/ 气候变化知识学习

PM: Climate Art Project/气候变化艺术创作

4. January 16, 2015(Friday):

AM: About Electricity /电力知识学习

PM: Electricity Art Project/电力艺术创作

5. February 2, 2015(Monday):

AM: About North American Animals/北美动物知识学习

PM: Animal Art Project/动物艺术创作

6. March 13, 2015(Friday):

AM: About Ocean/海洋知识学习

PM: Ocean Art Project/ 海洋艺术创作


7. June 5, 2015 (Friday):

AM: About Rocks/ 矿石知识学习

PM: Rock Art Project /石头艺术创作


8. June 26, 2015 (Friday):

AM: About Universe/太空知识学习

PM: Universe Art Project/太空艺术创作



1. High-quality facilities (一流的软/硬件环境);

2. Led by professional art instructors(专业的艺术老师团队);

3. Flexible extended care service provided(灵活的延时服务);

4. A student-educator ratio of 8:1 (师生比例为18 ).


Camp Hour: Full Day 9:00am -4:00pm (全天服务:900-400

Half Day AM (9:00am-12:00pm) /PM( 1:00pm-4:00pm)



Fee (art supplies provided) TAX INCLUDED(费用已含税及相应绘画耗材):

? Half Day Program: $35.00(半天服务:$35.00

? Full Day Program: $59.00(全天服务:$59.00


Extended Care: $2/0.5Hr

Early Drop-off: 8:00am -9:00am / Late Pick-up: 4:00pm-6:00pm (Please confirm 1 week in advance)

注意事项:您可以任意购买半天/单天的服务。来参加艺术营的具体时间由家长自行选择(只能在PA Day内选择)。但是需要提前一周通知学校。PA Day学费不可以退换。我们不提供午餐,仅提供课间零食,家长需要为孩子准备好午餐。

Please noteParents can choose any half day/full day service. You could either pick any half/full day programs as a package from our PA Day schedule. Please inform us at least a week in advance. The fee is not refundable. Please be noted that we provide snacks, however lunch is NOT included. Parents should therefore prepare lunch for your child.

Any questions please contact us at 416-551-2966/647-628-1016


*We are running the PA Day program at the following locations/以下三个地址提供服务:

Markham Location 1: Unit 22 &237170 Warden Ave. MarkhamWarden & Steeles.

Markham Location 2: Unit1, 1 Raymerville Dr, Markham, ON. L3P 5J5McCowan& 16th

Richmond Location: Unit17, 80 West Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill.L4B 1H3 (Hwy 7&Leslie)

Programme Rundown:

9:00 Drop off

9:05-9:15 Getting-to-know morning program

9:15-12:00 Morning program

12:00 Morning 1/2 day children pick up

12:00-12:45 Lunch & learn (have lunch, after lunch video about famous artists, museums)

12:55 Afternoon 1/2 day children drop off

13:05-13:15 Getting-to-know afternoon program

13:15-16:00 Afternoon program

16:00 Pick up

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