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    1happyman 2020-11-04 17:52
    A man and his wife are late for the movies, he gets pulled over for speeding, the officer asks why he was going 75 km in a 40km zone.

    He replies that he never speeds.

    However his wife says "Honey, you said we gotta drive fast because we are late."

    Then the officer asks why he isn't wearing his seat belt.

    The husband says "I simply forgot to put it on".

    His wife again says' "Honey, you said the seat belt makes you uncomfortable to drive with it on. "

    The husband then turns to his wife in anger and screams “Are you trying to get me in trouble."

    The officer says to the wife, “Does your husband yell at you often ??"

    The wife replies "Only when he has been drinking”.
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