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    黄宗羲 此地那堪再度年,此身惭愧在灯前。 梦中失哭儿呼我,天末招魂鸟降筵。 好友多从忠节传,人情不尽绝交篇。 于今屈指几回死,未死犹然被病眠。   Sick, feel like go to hell,   ……
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    Jack 2010-07-20 22:29
    如果你的生命註定無法停止追逐 我也只能為你祝福 如果你覺定將這段感情結束 又何必管我在不在乎 如果我的存在只是增加你的痛苦 為何你不對我說清楚 如果你的生命註定無法停止追逐 我也只能為你祝福 如果你覺定將這段感情結束 又何必 ……
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    always try to be 不要怕,不要悔。 but always lost my mind, why it is so hard to me? how can i be myself again?     Whatever You Can Do Or Think You Can ....   Just Do it.   Always try my best, We are the best at all. & ……
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    june 19, 10

    Jack 2010-06-19 22:29
    Time is pass so fast, i miss last night, last month, and last year. so what can i do? i miss so much, is it what i can do? only miss?   what i am looking for 2010? still can not find out the answer... so poor in my feeling, always try to escape in my life, but it is not ok fo ……
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