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The War Bride------值得一看的电影故事

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September 1940 - London - It's the height of the Blitz and two young women, Lily (Anna Friel) and Sophie (Julie Cox) work as seamstresses in a small shop in the East End. Growing up together in an orphanage, the girls are best of friends and, despite the nightly bombings, carry on as any ordinary 20 year-old women - working hard and playing hard.

One night at the local dance hall, they meet and fall madly in love with two Canadian servicemen, Charlie Travis (Aden Young) and his new best friend, Louie Maldoff. Charlie regales Lily with stories of his family's huge "John Wayne style ranch" on the Canadian Prairies "near Hollywood". Although she's impressed, Lily is also a bit dubious.

Less than two weeks later the couples are married and the boys are shipped off to the front. Lily and Sophie try to carry on with their lives as before, except Lily is now expecting Charlie's baby. Mere months after her daughter is born, Lily and Sophie receive transportation instructions from the Canadian Embassy that they are to be shipped across the sea to their new Canadian in-laws. But the question is, where are they going and to what?

After docking in Halifax, the women board a train to Montreal. There, Sophie's in-laws welcome her en masse, well-dressed and very excited to meet Louie's new wife. Lily prays for a similar reception.

Arriving in Alberta, Lily is met with an icy reception from her bitter mother-in-law, Betty (Brenda Fricker) and crippled sister-in-law, Sylvia (Molly Parker). And the 'dream ranch' Charlie waxed on about is nothing more than a dirt-farm with a tumbled-down tiny shack in the middle of nowhere. Lily is struck with the realization that she has left friends and the world she knew behind to be stuck in the wind-swept Canadian Prairies with two strangers who wish she were somewhere else. Has she merely swapped the claustrophobia of blitzed London for the complete isolation and loneliness of the Canadian Wilderness?

In true 'Lily' style, she struggles to overcome life's obstacles, despite her new family's obvious resentment towards her. The one friend she does make is with Sylvia's boyfriend and Charlie's best friend, Joe (Loren Dean). Lily and Joe grapple with an obvious attraction, but within this struggle, she finds an inner strength and the realization that she truly loves Charlie. She tells Joe that they can never be more than just friends.

The season's unfold slowly on the Prairies as the passage of time is marked by the unhurried pace of Nature. The weeks turn to months, the months into years and, suddenly, Charlie returns. But the man who returns is not the fun loving, na?ve Charlie Lily married in London, but a shell-shocked, war torn stranger, unsure of the world.

Everyone in the household slowly adjusts to the strange new family life when Lily's world is turned upside down by the unexpected arrival of Sophie. She tells Lily that Louie died in a concentration camp, prompting her in-laws to throw her out of the family home. Sophie's headed back to London and asks if Lily will come with her.

Upset that Charlie didn't tell her the truth about Louie, Lily considers returning to England. Carefully turning things around in her mind, Lily realizes that she can't bear the thought of leaving Charlie. She loves him, more than ever before and, while Betty and Sylvia may not be the warmest people in the world, they have begun to accept her. Most importantly, Lily is now part of a family, the one thing she has so desperately dreamed of all her life. Lily's place is with Charlie and she bids Sophie a tearful farewell.

Lily and Charlie finally face one another's fears during a long overdue heart-to-heart discussion about them, their past and their future. No one is perfect and, while they have many challenges to overcome, they realize that the love they have found and the family they both dream of are worth fighting for…together.

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