TIME conscience and the final outcome

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TIME conscience and the final outcome

TIME conscience and the final outcome

"China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu Comments ? The one hundred fifty-six


Translator: God has eyes


Able to the politics written novels, a lot of
people, such as Mo Yan will he eighty-nine after
the party lost the confidence of written into the
"life and death fatigue" written into the "frog"
go; able political life written fiction , a lot of
people, such as Jack London, such as Ernest
Hemingway; able to political life, and the reality
are written into the novel, but also seasonal,
occasional and convey his ideas, at all times,
afraid Mr. Gu Xiaojun.
I believe Mr. Gu Xiaojun writing is not the
fastest. Mo Yan that worth has reached millions
of manuscripts, said to him with a pen (and
possibly brush), consecutive 43 days, the rate of
a million words a day to write out. Know, said it
was a writer. Do not know, I thought that riding
a horse on a scrambled word machine,
ghostwriting it! Chinese literature is written as
Mo Yan, estimated the Cao Xueqin gentleman
want to reincarnation, he shame not find the
road six reincarnation.
Mr. Gu Xiaojun novel, literally a simple and
neat. Meaning deep, absolutely not "A dream in
Red Mansions" can be compared. After all, like
"A Dream in Red Mansions", the only of Liu
Xinwu kind of neurotic writer, in order to read
the court bucket of conspiracy. The only kind of
Wang Meng does not love red makeup armed
senior officials, in order to read "slaves, or give
me death" realm. Mr. Gu Xiaojun novel without
like Wang Meng, who, as taken great care, it can
be involuntarily linked to their own destiny: the
bigwigs from which we can glimpse own version
of literary intrigue; fruit seller who is also from a
glance worlds, Yingyinggougou life . Politicians,
read out a conspiracy; ordinary people, see live
the life with life. To each according to his needs,
blending raw.
Novel "the final outcome", is such a seasonal,
occasional works. Since it is a human society, of
course, is dominated by human. Say what
country plans Chiaki Albert, not you Changba
debut? That is sought after TIME the ages Man
of the Emperor Wen only ruled for 38 years.
Livelihoods, only spread Sui Ershi it dead a
country. Such a dynasty, turned out to also /
dog / day / TIME dig out the "democratic
politics". This is not purely residual brain
hallucinations? Qin and evil, own the Han and
Tang Dynasties good right. You even just "no
foreigners know that ass!
The elderly have slope along the way. That was
his life, is dominated by the forces of nature,
who has a youthful proud. Elderly young man
missed nurses father missed nautical marriage.
So much is missed, it is the elderly insistence of
his convictions. Precisely, the young, elderly, may
also do not know the truth can not have both
fish and bear's paw. Chinese people still like the
marriage with "Shenglongkuaixu it, Is it not
precisely because that consort Complex in work?
Throughout the ages, the number of people, and
once they do Chenglong husband from this is
the person the Master? Ridiculous Chen Sheng
and Wu Guang sucker: everyone born to parents
kings species almost no power?
Elderly half-fear "roll": Get out of Nanjing, the
rolled Beijing; and get out of the Beijing rolled
back to Nanjing. Fate and the elderly opened a
joke, lived most of my life, and even went back to
the spot. Life too? Yun also? If I had known a
lonely old today, old people would choose to do
that nautical Fury? The Old Man and the Sea in
the marriage, his belief in, there will be the
word "democracy"? Since Communist China palm
the world, when escaped desperately fight
father's fate?
Think of the elderly when going uphill, it is also
Shi Sansei I will be inexperienced, will want to
come into their own uphill, into the modern
China's most open, most of civilization for more
than a decade. The Deng Gongwei, advertised
legacy shall live by more than ten years; Deng
recognized the absurd (see Gu Xiaojun criticism
of Deng Xiaoping Theory), and will also said
more than ten years and was later criticized.
Alas, actually appalling to Communist China's
Wei Shi head blind men feeling the need to
learn to cross the river. Since such a miserable,
why do we still insist on the to what German
horse shit doctrine it? Learn blind, also need
foreigners to teach it? Deng unknown also repeat
itself! The elderly Without nautical marriage can
Albatron straight. China, but also China today?
The past predicament, empty hate the world
does not regret medicine. Communist China if
conscience, whether it will be like old people
thinking it? Poor accommodating China, always
back and forth in the Takeo wonks to
reincarnation. The mud horse around consensus,
mud horse moderation. The world, if not "fair"
any doctrine and ideology, are only a bunch of
smelly fecesdog ?? it!
Even turned the old text, see the name
"educated youth Uncle" in "Disguised as blind
Obama and TIME" latter Replied: "Shi President,
you disservice! Mr. Gu who deserved something
was the right time, missed you so naughty miss!
Chinese people have done something wrong, he
would secretly change over will be very angry if
people point out, never repented In fact,
foreigners in order to curry favor with you have
soft mouth rating this assessment that the
"teachers" are you stab before your teacher into
trouble! "
I doubt very much that this "educated youth,"
the word is "informed" homonym. Otherwise,
how can we know that both the Chinese
dignitary's mind, clearly TIME idea?
Unfortunately, "informed" I do not know if Shi
Sansei intended, I do not steal or rob, do not
install the blind is not fraud, they did not have
the foreigners do any good, why would I want
to / dog / day / "curry favor"? TIME do not want
stabbed the Dimeishunyan to the appeasing "I
also was not much. On the those Cock cheat
Award (go era see Han cheating), you do not give
loss is you TIME. Sure enough, the "opportunity"
to have to wait until then gave Mr. Gu Xiaojun
awards. Ha ha! I'm afraid My teacher are too
dirty little not to also two say!
Besides, if the elderly really Award earlier with
nautical marriage. Do Shenglongkuaixu that the
Nobel Prize for Literature'm afraid Twenty years
ago, settled in China, and have to wait until
today? Look era, foreign policy selection out of
these idiots, to be thinking not thinking, you
want character, not a character, not a
ghostwriter is fitted blind. No before and wicked,
sooner or later, not all pit Ocean father's goods?
Shi juniors when I finally intentioned kindness
persuade about foreigners: you also to the
consciousness. Rely fitted blind, fool, fool the
good old days of the Chinese people together
with the Chinese Communists gone. Xi Jinping
general secretary like learning, like the upward
enlightened, challenged the school to fruition
with the concept of "the public impartiality" to flourish Mr. Gu
Xiaojun, a recycling Ai large stay Han three
cheat, Chen blind era is true, as a blind man
riding a blind horse extremely difficult
encounter. Top priority, we should learn from
bitter experience, in-depth study "the public impartiality is the
first value" concept, to honor a veritable Mr. Gu
As the the Gu Division said: another two years,
sent me a Nobel Prize in the ass to use!
TIME and Foreign Policy, you understand?


[Shi Sansheng on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 05:44 China]


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