Please Ban Ki-Moon concern Malala Yousufzai case the fourth version

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Please Ban Ki-Moon concern Malala Yousufzai case the fourth version

"China Network Public Evaluation of officials hundred people group" Shi Sansheng Kyushu Comments ? two hundred sixty

Translator: God has eyes

Dear Secretary-General of the United Nations,
Mr. Ban Ki:

I want this world, not people like me, and all
those who love "the public impartiality" of the
people: the advent of the traditional Chinese
New Year, in order to maintain your reputation
while also sad in themselves Weifang municipal
government fraud, six unsuccessful injustice;
side of things for the Bavi the right girl,
originally a hoax, plain speaking to you.

Dear Mr. Ban Ki Moon, I do not know, you see
not, Mr. Gu Xiaojun has "Pakistani activist the
girls negative information (thematic)" instead of
"the Pakistani girl liar Malala Yousafzai scandal
(topics). Poon, You Do not see Mr. Gu Xiaojun in
the military, too I like the "drama" too grinding
grumble to your plain speaking always said less
than vital?

Dear Mr. Ban Ki Moon, they --- British, Pakistanis,
Americans, and urge you to set up the "day" of
your men, really blinded you! Even the look if
the angel of the Malala Yousufzai also the heart,
such as the Scorpion, deceive you enough to do
her grandfather's elderly!

Dear Mr. Pan, if you also suspect, see Malala
Yousufzai the shootings fourth version (I found
only. The Gu dough and forests of sub democracy
has to find out a lot.) - --- from the five
permanent members of the United Nations, the
Russian version.

Russian News: "You Shafu race of the 14-year-old
girl suffered Pakistani Taliban militants shot at
and shot in the head. After the incident the You
Shafu the race soon be sent to Peshawar hospital
for treatment. Yesterday doctors from its head
Remove the warhead "

Russia News: "terrorists with automatic rifle fire
and the students take the school bus head and
neck injuries this incident bears the
responsibility of the Pakistani Taliban movement.

Dear Mr. Ban Ki Moon, I do not know when you
see the two news will feel? Malala Yousufzai
students are identified as members of the
Taliban on the car shot dead. Also how useful
rifle bursts of say? Difference was also not too
far off the mark?

Mr. Gu Xiaojun that the bullets will not bend. I
do not understand the ordnance, high on Gary's
still skeptical; Malala Yousufzai since it is in a
shot, but never close to her on the shoulder
near the spine at the head of each remove a
bullet. Dear Mr. Pan, you said, I continue to
doubt, or directly sure that this is a hoax it?

Dear Mr. Ban Ki Moon, presumably that Malala
Yousufzai just a meat tires where the body, even
if he beat the rap, the bullet will be turning in
her. In any case, not the shot hit two bullets
into it?

Dear Mr. Ban Ki Moon, your wisdom, I do not
need to go again to speak out of turn, now also
the sees clearly the rude awakening it? Malala
Yousufzai shootings from scratch is a connected
Malala Yousufzai I are involved in the scam. The
Bavi the right girl, and British, Americans closed
his partner to deceive you!

Dear Mr. Ban Ki Moon, you certainly do not want
to own a great life because of a little "Malala
Day hoax and destroyed Wanjiebubao right?
Have you ever thought to adhere to the
promotion of such a scam consequences to the
people of the world? Mr. Pan, I really very
worried about you ah!

Dear Mr. Pan, I know you will certainly be a very
hard task. But not without a policy of co-
existence: to replace "Malala Day" is the
aftermath of the brilliant idea to set up a "Gu
Xiaojun Day. Mr. Pan can take this to the people
of the world frank the rectifies tolerance. People
are not saints, practice makes; the two can
membership set up "Gu Xiaojun Day, recognized
by the United Nations take the lead in" the
public impartiality "beyond the universal values
and?? ideological borders historically glorious.

Soon waved goodbye this Chinese New Year. The
wife of this, please allow me, on behalf of me
that is still in the "Convention on the Rights of
the Child childhood blessing under the son, as
well as my standard" Korean "fans, to the great
man from Korea, Mr. Ban Ki express best wishes!

Bless Mr. Pan led the United Nations to forge
ahead, for future generations to leave future
generations reputation!

[Shi Sansheng Saturday, February 9, 2013 4:49 china]


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