To the Nobel Prize jury recommended the public impartiality

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To the Nobel Prize jury recommended the public impartiality

--- A letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee (9)

Translator: God has eyes

Hot these days media is the two sessions, the
news are pleasant to the eye around China
Dream, talk about fairness and justice, stressing
the rule of law. To be honest, they really want to
seriously read and learn, whether it is to look at
the newspaper or network contained, I feel so
awkward. Or to the Nobel Peace Prize jury
recommended core universal values -?? the public
impartiality ".

the public impartiality, the opinion of the
public, the positive side to being, is the basis of
human social, human society to maintain;
without the public impartiality, all freedom,
democracy, human rights, rule of law ... and so
on, are also some talk about (Gu Xiaojun
language). When most people think of the social
community has been missing the public
impartiality, regime change ensued, and the
development of human society has given proof,
also proved that the public impartiality is the
universal values!

the public impartiality is not fair and justice!
Fair and impartial, multi-fingered transaction;
justice, speaking karma, phase reported a
popular interpreted as good and evil. In today''s
human life, is not absolutely fair; standard of
justice, it is difficult to unify.

Point in killing bin Laden, most Americans are
just; employing suicide bombers, in terms of
high-tech weapons shells also a kind of
desperation justice. In China, housing or land
transactions helpless petition personnel not to
discuss fair? Even Shi Sansheng people to do a
set of a trap, is scared to death of his aging
mother, such as a house do not warranty if it is
really to die, who would say that is not in order
to discuss a "fairness and justice"?

So down, only fair, to discuss the "fairness and
justice", and more and more contradictions,
dissatisfaction piled the larger organic groups,
event frequency is not surprising. I believe that
we do not want this, the politicians do not want
to see!

In fact, difficult to agree on "fairness and
justice", returned to the majority of people in
society, and the public that much easier. the
public impartiality, about social orientation, and
talk about the relationship between people, but
also each individual of the society, the attitude
of others (Gu Xiaojun language) speaking. As
long as the hearts of everyone in the community
"the public impartiality", embodied in the life
and work of a conscience, as a community of
nations, and who will go to drill fair or just a
dead end?

The rule of law, I believe that everyone wants to
achieve the rule of law. From the first
Constitution of the People''s Republic of China to
the revised version of 2004 to the present, large
and small legal change has also changed darned
again and again, which is also seen that the
political elite want to have a stable and
harmonious society, otherwise there will not be
the Chinese people from China dream moment. "
But nearly a century later, is always unable to
escape the rule of law, and now rely on to
achieve the rule of law, what is to let the public
believe that the rule of law?

Mr. Gu Xiaojun Sina, End of the World blog the
blog of China both blocked forward previous
article "sensitive", looked at the pages on the
long list of Shantie notice, the basic anti-Party,
anti-government does not freedom of speech are
not to protect the site editor, can not or dare
not reflect the conscience, what shall I convince
myself that the "rule of law" is different from
"rule by law"? The judges of the Nobel Prize, for
as you can convince yourself?

Chinese idioms to bring the brain to help us
think about also by the judges of the free and
democratic world, "fairness and justice" and "rule
of law" exactly how to interact, how to achieve
fairness and justice rule of law, or how the rule
of law fairness and justice? Chinese people
walking down the great party under the
leadership of the way "to achieve the great
rejuvenation of the Chinese nation", we do not
want to leave the unnecessary detours. Said
bystander, whether to Mr. Gu Xiaojun said "the
public impartiality" Rao Hom past?

Nobel judges, and I hope you will think about
Mr. Gu Xiaojun three values "??discussed Mr. Gu
Xiaojun only carry forward the public
impartiality, to the rule of law"! 1.3 billion
Chinese people''s dream of a better life, and will
have a guarantee of world peace!

--- No democracy 2013-03-06 Chongqing
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