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Funding by the Government of Ontario 


“I am proud that through the Ontario Trillium Foundation, our government is investing in the non-profit sector and creating positive change in our province. Non-profit organizations are the heart of their communities and I know these grants will benefit people across Ontario.”

— Hon. Michael Coteau, Ontario Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport

“The Grant Review Teams have gone above and beyond to ensure that OTF is making the right decisions when making investments in communities. What’s even more exciting is that, with the new strategy, we will be able to measure the impact these organizations will have in the communities they serve. Congratulations to all our 

grantees – I am looking forward to hearing about your work and the successful stories that flow from your 

— Janet Yale, Board Chair, Ontario Trillium Foundation

“The Ontario Trillium Foundation is ready to see the outcomes of its investments in communities. We have 

streamlined our process so that we can better support organizations to lead change that matters. We’re also 

using an evidence-based approach to create measurable, positive impact in communities. There are lots of wonderful initiatives to look forward to through these investments.” 
— Andrea Cohen Barrack, CEO, Ontario Trillium Foundation

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    我很自豪,通過安大略省延齡基金會,我們的政府是非營利部門的投資和在我們的省,創建積極的新變化。非營利組織是其社區的用心,我知道這些贈款是安大略省所有人民的福利.  亂編的