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The rich pay attention to what feng shui

Life, of primary pursuit is wealth, only those with the wealth to pursue a higher quality of life, in order to better achieve their pursuit. This world, there are a lot of people for various reasons flourishes, there are many people, for some reason have to make their own wealth vanished. The former is lucky, while the latter is sad. How to hold their own millionaire wealth? Better to take a look at what the Philippines feng shui master Lucio Co views in this regard.

Rich, is a not bad money, identity, living in their own houses are generally purchased. However, some of these are relatively wealthy parents living in the house in general. If you want to transfer, first new for old, carried on a newly renovated house.

Especially in the last generation used stoves, beds, doors and windows must be replaced as soon as possible. Re-decorate the facade, it is a kind of feeling of a face-lift.

Rooms are clean, comfortable and can give a positive feeling for the home of some of the dilapidated objects, should be timely clean out, saying, "not the old and new do not come" to give up some old items, can reshape new weather housing.

To harmoniously home, nature is not mad somber. Lifeless house, let the family depression, depressed mood. For career, academic and other aspects of the impact. Lucio Co Feng Shui masters recommend, more planted evergreen plants, pets or breeding lively class, as some cats and dogs, so the original poor deserted atmosphere gradually improved to feel prosperous.

To get rid of bad luck at home, adding extravagance, the first to add some "valuable" items at home. ? miniature furnishings as "classic cars" model, or a ceramic vase, decorated houses furnished. In addition, paintings but also a good way to change bad luck at home.

Select some vitality of the sun rising, the peony in full bloom image. Some melancholy picture, you should be removed. ?

People reading desk is the place to do things, so we must try to put in the window to see the vision, keep working when the wide field of vision, have helped the cause and promising meaning head.

In addition, if the o-floor balcony at home relatively close distance, you will feel a kind of tunnel vision, affect the absorption of the cause of wealth. For such cases, the feng shui master to remind everyone that can be placed in a corner of the balcony only potential soaring birds furnishings create a "chicken coop fly out of Phoenix," the luck.

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Feng Shui - is changing the environment to help you through life auspicious luck and gas field

Forecasting - instead of waiting for things happen, but a better plan for the future

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