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Fifa 14 coins: Preserving Strategy Guide Section I

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Fifa 14 coins EA 2014 FIFA Universe Cup game was released 2-3 weeks ago. FIFA’s most stimulating thing is attacking but additionally they say defense is the winner championships. This time i am bringing you a new defensive strategy guidebook of 2014 FIFA Planet Cup game.

Here's the Part A single: Knowing the crucial positions and functions in defense. For starters, you need to understand how many defenders ones team (your opponent’s team) is around the field. The method is quite simple, the first digit belonging to the team formation indicates how many defensive players as an example 4-4-2 formation possesses 4 defenders. We will introduce 1 by 1.

3 defenders: usually welcomed in 3-5-2 formation.www.fifa14cup.com The disadvantage is quite solid defense in middle belonging to the pitch that can make opponent hard that will penetrate, the short coming can be obvious, difficult to pay for more space, leaving many weak spots if disseminate. This method is not seen much with high level suits, but very useful when you have fast center buttocks.
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