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Easy to win free runescape buy money at RSorder Valentine's Event

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OSRS Gold 4000k or RS3 Gold 25M is waiting for you: participate in RSorder Valentine's Event Part 2,“Dating Princess”, Pose with your in-game plants to show you admiration to the Princess and share your screenshot on Rsorder Facebook, and you will have a chance to get free old school runescape gold cheap. Come on! Chop a tree and burn the logs. Enfin, la troisime zone accueillera des locaux et des services tels que toilettes, buanderie et bureaux capables d'accueillir 70 personnes. According to certain studies, colors rs gold can somehow affect the feelings and behavior in a person.

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Rsorder Special Events: Share Screenshots to Win Free RS Gold & $1 Voucher on Rsorder Facebook

RSorder Valentine's Event Part 2, "Dating Princess" coming!(February 3 at 03:00 a.m. GMT to February 13 at 03:00 a.m. GMT, 2015.)

What rewards can you earn from Princess?

The top one is rewarded OSRS Gold 4000k or RS3 Gold 25M;

The top two is rewarded OSRS Gold 3000K or RS3 Gold 20M;

The top three is rewarded OSRS Gold 2000K or RS3 Gold 15M.

Besides, all participants will be rewarded $1 cash voucher.

And there will be a Drop Party on RSorder once Rsorder facebook has over 12,000 fans. So invite your friends to like RSorder facebook now so as to get free RS gold earlier.

Some Screenshot for RSorder Valentine's Event Part 2 - Dating Princess:

Screenshot for RSorder Valentine's Event Part 2 - Dating Princess 4

Rules: http://www.rsorder.com/news/share-screenshots-to-win-free-rs-gold-and-1-free-voucher-on-rsorder-facebook

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