What are the benefits for removing it?

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 Since the release of the legacy mode beta,mmofifa.com people are thinking about returning to rs. It's maybe the time to fix things up for bringing a better experience to players, such as the game engine restriction on rs.

  What the engine restriction does rs has?

  If you ever carefully notice the delay before your character moves, you will definitely understand the problem.

  That delay is not due to your internet or your computer. In fact, it's not even considered lag. It's a game engine restriction, whereby everything in the game runs on 0.6 second ticks.

  How the engine restriction affects us in rs?

  This 0.6 second ticks can be a really big thing. In most games, a 0.6 second delay is considered extreme lag. In some games, even 0.2 seconds can be considered as lag.

  Along with this 0.6 second ticks, everything you do in rs, whether it be chatting to someone, using an ability or walking, will first have an up to 0.6 second delay before there is an output. That’s way movement around the game is slow and why someone may think the game can't even be considered fully-real time.

  What are the benefits for removing it?

  This removal of game ticks would furthermore change the current situation that the game is kind of slow compared with others in many ways.

  With this update, using abilities in combat will be much more fluid and active and the difference will be blindingly noticeable. Besides, this in turn will open up so many possibilities, including abilities which can be timed more perfectly together and to also allow for more split second decisions which can change the outcome of a battle.

  There is no doubt that the removal of these ticks would essentially improve every single aspect of the game. On the one hand, it will inspire the potential of EoC. On the other hand, it will maximize the appeal to players for the legacy. We should never get used to those problems. RS also needs those problems to become better. If you’ve got any other ideas,Wildstar Goldto post on RSorder Facebook.

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