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 This week, the roust of fortune organizes its first Runescape 2007 Gold in connection with the Divination. You are able to win the seer held from Friday, November 1 !

  This outfit, which changes automatically depending on the sex of your character was inspired by Faydhan Auguro, expert Divination, and Orla Bonaventure, the woman who discovered this new skill. Holding seer is composed of five elements, each of which gives a bonus to XP in Divination 1% when equipped. You will earn more bonus additional 1% if you wear the complete outfit. You could receive a total bonus XP 6% in Divination!

  This weekend, you will have more chances to win XP lamps Divination that will help you improve this skill, as well as new objects that appeared in The rouste: the star bursts .

  The star bursts, which are replacing the pendants and gems recharge are new objects that can be used to get a generous bonus XP in a specific skill before disintegrating. This bonus is a percentage of additional XP earned during the practice of the relevant jurisdiction. The lucky win maybe a bright star burst which gives an even greater bonus XP!

  You will have more chances of winning holding seer, star bursts and XP lamps Divination from the first Friday in November at midnight GMT until Monday, 4 November at 23:59 GMT . These objects are always available in the roust of fortune after that date, but your chances of winning will be thinner.

  All players are entitled to a portion of the roust of fortune a day at least, and they can get more playing. Click here to find out how. If you want more games, you can buy here . You can also convert vouchers into play, or click the Retrieve button in the interface part of the rouste in.

  Please note that pendants skills have now disappeared from the roust of fortune. If you already own one, you need to click it in your inventory to recover the XP it. This will transform into a decorative pendant versions. If you have a regular or enhanced prismatic pendant, you must first click on the object in your inventory and convert it into a pendant of your choice by selecting a skill. Then, simply click again on the pendant to get the bonus XP, as explained above.

  Gems charging are also removed from the roust. Click once on a gem in your inventory to get bonus XP in the skill of your choice. You will not be getting a decorative FIFA Ultimate Team Coins of gems.

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