Runescape will be better in the future

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 A player has quitted runescape in about 2 years ago. And now, after two years, he is coming back. During the two years, Jagex really did a lot of efforts for  Runescape 2007 Gold, and they are having a lot of new updates right now. There is something he would like to say.

  Huge change of runescape in 2 years

  There is no doubt that runescape is in the best place it has been for years. You might be playing the game now and not think this, but looking at this through fresh eyes, this game has grown so much.

  There is a massive amount of high level content and the prices are stable. Worlds is less crowded and real players can finally access resources now that most of the bots are gone and the rest are swiftly dealt with. Money is easy to make with a little hard work, and combat is balanced. You may never imagine that one day you will be able to use magic on slayer tasks.

  About the micro-transactions problem

  We need to admit that they seems now going on the road of micro-transactions. However, we also need to realize that Jadex are a business. So they need to make money to make rs sustainable.

  On the other hand, people don’t understand that they are the people who are going to wreck the game not Jagex. Embracing the game since it is all good.

  Runescape will be better in the future

  Although the game is not the same from before, the game has definitely evolved in many aspects. Runescape is definitely has the potential to stay alive for years to come.

  Through 2 years, the game is looking much better- much more like a famished kid who's been eating well lately. Therefore, we should believe that this kid will be stronger and stronger in the future.

  Although there are still some flaws need to be updated, Jagex has already did a great job in recent years. Give them some time, they will do better. All in all, FIFA Ultimate Team Coins at the moment is great, thanks Jagex.

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