Here is the basic farming process:

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 Buy cheap runescape gold enjoy the pleasure of farming process

  If you play Runescape, farming actually is a great basic Runescape 2007 Gold in the game. Unlike other skills, farming does not depend purely on the amount of money you have. Farming is a skill of time, patience and a bit of strategic thinking. It is a skill for the dedicated and hard working players of Runescape. As we know, farming is the planting and harvesting of crops. Then you can reward from them. But there are also a number of other rewards that only the high leveled farmers will benefit from. So if you want to become a high leveled farmer or buy cheap RS Gold to enjoy the farming process, the runescapegold2007 is your best choice.


  Here is the basic farming process:

  1. Use a rake on the patch to get rid of all the weeds. You will get three weeds in your inventory for doing this.

  2. If you desire, use compost or supercompost on the soil.

  3. Use your seeds on the soil. You need a seed dibber in order to do this. Remember that certain seeds will only go in certain plots.

  4. Water your plants with a watering can. When the pools of water disappear this means that you need to water them again. Only certain plots can be watered.

  5. When your plants are ready, harvest them. You may need a spade to do this. Plants and trees can take up to more than 24 hours to grow. The higher level the seed is, the longer it will take to grow.


  Sometimes your plants may become diseased and if they are diseased for too long they may die. To cure vegetables, hops, flowers and herb of disease use a plant cure potion on them, which can be bought at any farming store. To cure bushes and trees use secateurs on them to clip off the diseased branches and leaves.

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