Is Gardening Boots useful while farming in the runescape

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  Is Gardening Boots useful while farming in the runescape

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  Have you ever bought Gardening boots ? Are you interested about it? Gardening boots are a RuneScape members’ only item that are a rare drop from the level-7 farmers found in RuneScape. Gardening boots are tradable and can be sold on the grand exchange. As farmers aren’t often used for training combat on, Gardening boots enter RuneScape at a very slow pace. However, there is little demand for gardening boots as most RuneScape players have no reason for owning them, so the item ebbs and flows on the grand exchange.

  It is currently worth abut 8,000 RuneScape gold.It has been speculated that wearing gardening boots while farming runescape gold helps plants grow faster or helps protect the plants from disease. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Another speculation says that when making compost while wearing the gardening boots, that the compost will cause plants to grow faster and get diseased less often. Jagex has stated that this is not the case; gardening boots are purely decorative and have no effect on the performance of the crops grown. After that I think runescape is interesting and fun though I has no time to play it.

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