El Clásico is going to be an insane clash next season

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  An alleged leak from EA Sports has FIFA 15 Coins hit the internet which seems to show the player ratings of a handful of Barcelona and Real Madrid’s finest squad members. It is impossible at this stage to say if the information is accurate. The release date of September 23 draws ever closer so it seems plausible that information like this could start to enter the public domain plus all the player ratings seem fairly accurate with how the individual performed last season and in the World Cup.

  El Clásico is going to be an insane clash next season as both giants of La Liga have spent eye-watering amounts of cash on replenishing their squads with some of the biggest talents in world football. The thought of the strike-force of Ronaldo, Bale and James Rodríguez going up against Messi, Neymar and Suarez is the sort of match-up football fans thought they would only ever experience on FIFA Ultimate Team or in their dreams.

  Until the release of a demo we must take these leaked ratings with a pinch of salt but nonetheless it is intriguing to see how the footballing talent in the Spanish league may have been rated. Here are the 10 leaked FIFA 15 player ratings and what we think:



  James Rodríguez was by no means an unknown prior to the World Cup but three weeks and five spectacular goals was enough for the 23-year-old to become the latest status symbol in world football.

  Unsurprisingly Real Madrid snatched up the promising talent, spending an astounding ?63-million to make Rodríguez one of the most expensive Los Blancos players ever. Though the leaked ratings suggest that Rodríguez has received a deserved upgrade, we’re pleased that his rating hasn’t gone any higher (adding further credibility to the leaked info). Of course Rodríguez used Brazil to showcase the fact that he is an exciting prospect but the small sample of games from Brazil shouldn’t be enough to justify his rating going higher than 86.

  The Colombian is a player who has always utilised his skills, body feints and pace to frustrate an opponent’s defence. This has been reflected in the fact that his pace has been boosted from 79 to 83 while his dribbling went from an 85 to an 88. He may have been the World Cup’s leading goal scorer but the Colombian is also a superb playmaker, finishing as Ligue 1’s assist leader in his debut season.


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  Neymar might not have had the impact in his first La Liga season which Barcelona fans had been hoping for but the 22-year-old phenomenon continues to improve more and more nonetheless. EA Sports appear to have given the youngster a tentative upgrade in FIFA 15, presumably because of his hit-and-miss start at the Camp Nou.

  If the rating was based purely on his performance in the World Cup the winger probably would’ve been rated even higher than 86. The http://www.zyymmo.com/ player was the one ray of light in an otherwise horrific Brazil side which looked utterly flat on home soil. Neymar might not have looked like the world-beater we saw in the Confederations Cup but he still had a superb World Cup run until his injury, dripping with the swagger and creativity which the rest of the side was lacking. Until the unfortunate injury in the quarter-final tie with Colombia, Neymar had scored four goals and had looked like Brazil’s only offensive threat.

  Overall a rating of 86 seems fair for the young talent. Neymar will doubtless continue to surpass this rating in the future but as it stands his performances in FUT Coins cannot be rated any higher.

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