Rio bus company believes unions

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 Brazilian industry workers strike for a pay FIFA 15 Coins

  Rio de Janeiro, May 12 sports news, With the Fifa World Cup approaching, Brazilian industry employees are on strike for a pay rise, they hope that the Government can maintain the country's image, to meet their requirements. But on the one hand, the Brazilian government give these workers march by law , the right to strike , on the other hand, the Labour Court can not meet the requirements of workers , so the strike intensified, urban traffic congestion, daily life is affected.

  Since last week, Brazil's 26 states and 22 of the Federal District strike, including public transportation system employees, doctors, teachers , police, garbage workers, porters and other airports . 12 Nisshin week began , the strike continued to spread .

  Rio de Janeiro bus employees from the city's general strike began on the 8th , the 12th due to the failure to reach an agreement with the bus company in the Rio district labor court , the union decided to launch at 0:00 on the 13th from 48-hour strike again. Rio bus company believes unions and strikers in violation of the relevant laws , no http://www.coininfifa.com/ is made 72 hours in advance and make a formal vote in the union.

  Although the bus company while under the four branches are said to maintain operations , but because the driver can not hillock , parades and cause deterioration of the security situation , urban transport still paralyzed. These days , passengers often have to wait several hours to wait for a car , or walk to work .

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