Bosnia and Herzegovina team still reflects the strength of the gap

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  WORLD CUP, AND FIFA 15 Coins IT NOT FOR MESSI'S EPIPHANY The 2014 World Cup group F first round match in the Maracana stadium compete, Argentina 2-1 over Bosnia Herzegovina, although Cora Cyna F 128 seconds from going wrong, but Bosnian team in this game was played his style, he scored his first goal for the team not only in the first World Cup, and were it not for Messi's Epiphany, Bosnia Herzegovina the game has a great score hope. Although in the former Yugoslavia and centralBosnia Herzegovina in 1992 before


  the formal founding, the national population of only 3830000, development of football Co., record is far less than the other European powers,the competition has never since qualifier qualify for the world cup, but Bosnian but not willing to be a supporting role. With the domesticplayer in Major League all have accumulated experience in the political arena, with the World Cup group situation is quite good, the first Dzeko's team from the blaze in qualifying, but was considered popular finals 16 strong. The first group of strength strongest in Argentina,that is to say the http://www.coininfifa.com/


  is difficult into easy, after all Africa team Nigeria and team Iran Asia from whatever point of view, the strength is just a little bit worse.Even can say, Argentina and Bosnia and Herzegovina winner, almost took out the best position. The Bosnian team after all is the first time to play in the World Cup finals, 128th seconds to own goal, but then the team well organized, and even once let the Argentina team to the second half, the team's midfield interception let Messi and his major suit players suffer unspeakably, the first half competition numerous times to see the Argentina team passes the ball at the foot of the Bosnian team the whole team, lets the human praise, the entire first half, the Bosnian team only let Argentina get 3 chances. With the outbreak of the Messi,


  Bosnia and Herzegovina team still reflects the strength of the gap, but in the eighty-fourth minute, the Bosnian team has created a historic moment, Lu Liqi straight biography, Ibievi in the restricted area on the left side from Federico - Fernandes behind beyond the small angle shoots lowly, the ball across the net from Romero between his legs, but this goal is Bosnia Herzegovina in the team the first goal in World Cup finals, the Argentina team since being forced to use biglia for Aguero to strengthen the defense. Although the final Bosnian team didn't win,but the game they show their own style, display game statistics, Bosnia and Herzegovina team goal number reached 15, more than 11 times of Argentina, the shot is 10 5 more than two times as many as 9 rival, Romero himself to save save Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina and therefore can't  FUT Coins with the first World Cup finals. Ai Ma.


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