Nowadays Haunting Spirits are becoming more common

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Happy 4th of July!

  Hey kiddos, long FIFA 15 Coins no see! Well, that time is upon us. The fabled firework holiday of beer, barbecue, and freedom… under surveillance. But I digress. Let’s not forget what’s really important: World of Warcraft. This year the public holiday lands on Thursday, which means the public holiday is on – Thursday. Not Friday boo.

  So what’s going on? A lot of 5.3 action. The Monk is 90, specs are heals and dps, with ilvl above 500. Not too shabby, unlike my computer. The folks at Blizz have really went all out to make the game easy for casual players to get good items, and at the same time making it more easy for end-game players to get high ilvl items too. Below are some easy ways to get your new/low ilvl 90 up in the gear levels.

  Let’s start with the Battlefield Barrens collection quest (once a week). You have to collect 150 pieces of 4x different items: stone, lumber, meat, and oil in Northern Barrens. The starting quest is near the flight trainer in your appropriate horde/alliance Shrine in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. From there head to Durotar to accept the quest, and fly yourself next door to Northern Barrens to farm. I prefer farming 10+ mobs at a time for resources, while checking the map for nodes of various kinds. These are overturned supply wagons which have around 150+ supplies on each drop. Open crates like a madman and you get mad resources fast. When you have 150x of each resource, you complete the quest and use/buy a Latent Kor’kron piece of your choosing to combine with the Radical Mojo. You will get an ilvl 489 piece for this quest, which is a weekly quest.

  Another easy quest is the “Path of the Last Emperor” quest. This is for 502 ilvl boots specific to your class. You also get the title “Darkspear Revolutionary” – and this quest is the last of a quest chain introduced in 5.3. This quest surprised me with how easy it was to get a 502 ilvl item. You just go up a “mountain” while attaching ropes to checkpoints while you fight against the wind and a few weak mobs. When you attach the rope to the top and the old panda climbs up, you win.

  Heroic Scenarios. Your daily chance at a 516 ilvl item. You will have to complete all of the solo instances of heroic scenarios and then run a chain of quests for a guaranteed epic, and then you have a daily chance of a 516 drop in a Heroic Scenario. It only takes 3 people, which is great. They are not too easy, and don’t feel bad if you die… a lot. It is common. Just remember to keep releasing your spirit when possible and run back to continue helping your group. At the end of the scenario, you will get a random chance of a 516 item, or, as usual, gold.

  And of course the Auction House. Nowadays Haunting Spirits are becoming more common, so they are going down in price. On my server they are around 3k each. Keep in mind this is a disenchant loot for 522 ilvl items, and people don’t replace 522 too often. In crafting this item is used in bulk (6+) to create crafted items of ilvl 522. This means many FIFA 14 Coins items of 522 ilvl will be pretty expensive on the AH, like 20-30k+ expensive, each.

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