FIFA 15 Ultimate Team web app launch has been delayed

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  FIFA 15 Ultimate Team web app launch has been delayed, but will FIFA 15 Coins release today. Earlier in the day EA said it would provide an update at 6pm, when it came it was only confirmed people to wait.

  Prepare for the launch EA has released the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team apps for Android and IOS, although the iOS version is only available to download from the Canadian App Store at present.

  EA was expected to launch the hotly-anticipated FIFA 15 web app yesterday, but struggled to get it online in time. Ultimate Team was down for maintenance yesterday, with EA saying it was carrying out Scheduled maintenance.

  Further updates confirmed more maintenance work and downtime for FIFA Ultimate Team with EA saying it will launch sometime this evening but not before 6pm UK time. EA has also posted a video showing new features and gameplay footage from FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

  FUT allows players build all-star teams to play online against other people. The web app means that people can tinker with their teams from their browser without needing to be sat in front of a games console. People can but packs of new players and trade them to build better and better squads. Ultimate Team sits alongside the current releases of FIFA, with players able to use their all-star team in online tournaments and one-off matches.

  FIFA 15, the full fifa coins ps4 game is not long to go. Next week, September 23, it will coming to the PC in the US, and September 26 around Europe. Stay tuned for these FIFA 14 Coins dates.

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