blocking the path of life Spanish bullfighter

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 The 2014 World Cup group B battle of a focus in the World of Warcraft Gold stadium fighting, defending champion Spain 0-2 chile. The 2 goals in the first half scoring, Alan Chris 1 pass 1 shoot, Vargas scored 1 goals. Chile accumulates 6 points, and Holland to qualify, the Spanish group stage ahead of a round were eliminated. [related recommendation: world champion was hit? Bosco after the trance by mistake Chile team bus] all like circle of fate, after a lapse of 64 years, the Chilean people use Our wills unite like a fortress. way, blocking the path of life Spanish bullfighter. Although there is a World Cup group stage not finished playing, the Spaniard can pack up, let the players go home. The same is satisfied in the famous maraca stadium, the last time in Spain and Chile confrontation, dates back to 1950, when the matador with a victory over the way, open confrontation since half a century, but most are Spanish victory party. In the history of the two teams against, they keep 8 wins 2 flat absolute advantage. But on the evening of 18, coach Bosco his wand and eventually lose its magic, his luxury division by 0:2 has lost to rivals, originally the people still expect that the defending champion can create miracles. In fact, the game from the beginning of the Spanish team was defeated by the impatience of his mentality, they continued with ultra high ball control rate, constant pressure on a large scale. But the wise

  Chile team apparently from the Holland team 5:1 defeated opponents found inspiration steady win, defender, counterstrike. Twentieth minutes, plays in Liga Barcelona Chile striker Sanchez right straight biography, A Longis crosses into the box, Vargas small restricted area before the ball past Casillas, poke shoots the spatial gate network, 1:0. After only 23 minutes, and Sanchez, his free kick was blocked by Casillas, the ball falls on the Alan Jisi feet, the latter homeopathic ejection forces a door open, lead the ball two Chileans, throw the opponent will be a disaster. At the moment, sitting in the coach Bosco hands clenched, write on the face full of anxiety. In the second half, he continuously replaced Torres, attacking players such as Cazorla, still can't find crack Chile team defense intensive way. With the American referee Geiger sounded the end of the whistle, the Spanish captain Casillas stood in front of the gate, empty eyes revealed some helpless. Behind him, is nearly 30000 Chile fans waving flags, sends out the mountains and seas are whistling like celebration wave. Before Jesus Hill 20 kilometers outside the giant Christ

  like, all good luck gave Chile tonight. Casillas cried. In the mixed interview area, his head leaned on Spanish journalist's arms, inextricably bogged down in a long time. The Spanish television reporter with tears in his eyes, his trembling hands, but they do not know how to comfort the veteran goalkeeper. We didn't win, lose is lose, I asked people to forgive me. Have been tears wet eyes Casillas said, when you have no luck in a world cup, the result is such. Then, someone asked Kathy, this defeat today, Is it right? Mean generation champion curtain? The mood gradually restored calm Casillas said, now is not the time to talk about this. Good players will leave, but now is not to talk about the problem of update. Bosco was not so lost outside imagination, in his post match press conference, he did not criticize his players, blame only luck. Be eliminated very fair to us, we have been going forward, the Chilean players anti is more outstanding, which I irrefutable. Bosco says, if you think of the past 25 days, I and the players do, and think of the children have much attention, I don't even believe we actually failed to qualify, but the reality is so, fate. The an old traveller in three words touch on lightly the matador bedroll fate, and the huge contrast between the past glory this FIFA Coins, may also have to wait time slow digestion.

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