It’s joined by the standard World Cup mode

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 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil will only ship on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this year while EA Sports continues to develop its Ignite engine for World of Warcraft Gold consoles. Line producer Matt Prior specifically cited Brazil’s video game tax laws and the prohibitive cost of gaming technology in the World Cup’s backyard, but more importantly this simulation’s love of the game overcomes nagging graphical issues you might have. As much as I’d love to put everyone complaining about frame-rates and resolution into a losers bracket, the virtual crowds look like they’ve all been hit with Brazil’s ugliest and sweatiest g-string right after the snap.

  Inevitably, it’ll be that split between FIFA experts and fever-stricken World Cup watchers which will be compelling, as the global community struggles to keep up with their team’s action, whether it’s in the dead of night or on during primetime. Changing the story between rivals will quickly prove an afternoon pastime that enables connections to flourish between family and friends. I’m completely oblivious when it comes to the broadcast, with the FIFA Women’s World Cup attracting plenty of attention in the States, yet still missing a simulation of its own. That’s not a fault of 2014 FIFA World Cup, especially as Electronic Arts have made football’s massive audience its ultimate goal.


  EA Sports Talk Radio is a new inclusion underlining the games slick presentation in which you’re given a choice of two chatty duos who’ll discuss the tournament and soccer in general while you’re navigating the warm, tropically colored menus. I’ve heard it compared to “idly listening to a football-themed podcast.” It builds up that ever-present feeling of excitement that you’re taking part in the largest sporting event on Earth.

  The return of Captain Your Country benefits from increased scoring potential, as goals will quickly lift your rookie player's rating as he ventures from the cusp of the international B-team to taking the armband in World Cup glory. It’s joined by the standard World Cup mode, and the lengthier Road to the FIFA World Cup mode, if you want to go further back and rewrite history, taking a new qualifying nation into the finals. Against real opponents, the Road to Rio De Janeiro is the highlight of the two online modes, promoting and relegating you through several divisions similar to Seasons in the regular games to ensure tight tussles FIFA Coins other players of your current skill level.

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