If you have any question about the weaponin wow

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 A weapon is an item that can be World of Warcraft Gold used to cause damage. Each class has certain weapons it is allowed to use.Melee weapons include any weapon that does damage equippable in the Main Handor, in some cases, Off Hand slot. They can only be used when a target is withinMelee range.

  Unarmed - Fighting with no weapon. Unarmedcombat is the weakest of all combat types. If you haven't built up your unarmedskill you will be flailing at air. Also, your unarmed skill affects yourattacks using fist weapons.

  Axe - An axe is an edged weapon usuallyconstructed of a short, broad blade attached to a pole. Axes come in one-handedor two-handed varieties. Axes can be enhanced by Enchanting, poisons by Roguesand by Sharpening stones.

  Dagger - Daggers come only in one-handedged weapon varieties, usually in the form of a short, narrow blade with ashort handle or hilt. Daggers are used by several different melee damagedealing classes, but especially rogues.

  Fist weapon - Fist weapons are one-handedblunt weapons which are either gripped in a fist, such as brass knuckles, orare worn as a glove, such as claws. Fist weapons can be wielded by Druids,Hunters, Rogues, Shamans and Warriors.

  Mace - A mace is a blunt weapon, usuallycomposed of a heavy metal piece on the end of a long rod. The purpose of a maceis not to cut or slash like a sword or axe, but rather to smash and to crack.

  Polearm - A polearm is a large two-handededged weapon, usually in the form of a long metal or wood pole a bit tallerthan a person, with an axe-like head. Polearms can be used by monks, hunters,paladins, warriors, druids and death knights.

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