FIFA 15 fundamentally changes the way you compete for the ball

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  World of Warcraft Gold fundamentally changes the way you compete for the ball

  It's always very exciting at this time of the year when a new FIFA title is released - many different creative ideas are thought of and EA do their best to try and appease their huge fan-base. Having said that, a lot of their gamers have complained over the past few years about the amount of maintenance work that is done on the servers; yet they are still inconsistent and faulty at the best of times.

  The biggest new feature in FIFA 15 is the new Emotional Intelligence aspect of players. The game models the emotional state of each player on the pitch, so that their attitude and personality will then effect how they play – whether that’s frustration, anger, excitement or disappointment.

  Dispossessing your opponent is more rewarding than ever! Intercept and keep the ball with possession tackles and new shoulder barges. Feel the impact with big fall physics; shirt pulling will also be visible with enhanced cloth technology. FIFA 15 fundamentally changes the way you compete for the ball.


  The same technology will also be used for the Xbox One from Microsoft and the PlayStation 4 from Sony, while the older Xbox 360 and PS3 will use older tech that will deliver a less impressive game experience. The company has also listed, on the official site, the system requirements for all those who plan on playing FIFA 15 on the PC when it is launched later in the year.

  The only problem I have with FIFA 15’s hyper-realistic approach is that half-way through one of my games, I heard a tannoy-announcement state that someone’s uncle was looking for her, so could she please make herself known to the nearest steward. While it was an FIFA Coins attempt at a more realistic stadium atmosphere, it felt very out of place in the game.

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