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  As many players have excepted for a long time of the World of Warcraft Gold Loyalty Programme, the news for its postponed makes them down. But as far as we guess, it won’t last for long. So cheer you up and prepare rs gold for cheap to continue show your loyalty to runescape.

  The upcoming merger of the Members Loyalty Programme has been temporarily postpone

  The Members Loyalty Programme is a runescape official’s way of showing thanks for all of you being a member. The concept is simple, being a member earns you Loyalty Points and the longer you’re a member, the more Loyalty Points you earn. The more Loyalty Points you earn the more rewards you get. Rewards include a rich series of new clothes, titles of nobility, brand new and exclusive emotes and, perhaps the most exciting of all, an arsenal of game play enhancing auras. This activity attracts many members and they can’t help to count time for the beginning time. However, the news that the upcoming merger of the Members Loyalty Programme and Solomon's General Store has been temporarily postponed due to some last minute hiccups really make members feel disappointed and upset. But the runescape official website says they anticipate that the delay will only last for a day or so and they will strive to deliver this exciting new service to you as soon as we have ironed out a few kinks in the system. So just keep your patience and the reward of the programme will worth your waiting.

  Enjoy 8% off in buying MMO gaming products

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