Once the second workout of the preseason

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  Once the second workout of the preseason, Nacho World of Warcraft Gold in the press room of the Ciudad Real Madrid. The youth, who has extended his contract four years with the white club, said: "Getting to the first team has been very difficult. I worked a lot and I finally fulfilled the dream has come to be here. I think the hardest part comes now, which is to settle on a team like Real Madrid, which is the best in the world ". Further explained what Ancelotti transmitted to them in the first practice:" We have said that we are a united team and worker, all being professional. "

  Nacho has spent 12 years in the Madrid club, since he entered the fry in 2001, and has extended his contract four more seasons with the hope and the goal of earning a place in the computer. "Right now I just renewed. I have four years of contract and I have long been fighting to have this opportunity to be the first team player. My only goal now is to win the confidence of the coach and take minutes as any player. A Castilla lads and the quarry would say that when you least expect comes opportunity and they have to be prepared and work hard during all practices and games. Here you always have the responsibility to win everything and anything other than winning at this club is not achieving. "

  About the signings the club has built for this campaign stressed: "We have only two days training. They are fellow Under-21 and for me it is a joy to be here with us. With regard to the club's transfer policy, I think as Spanish and as a team-mate is a joy to be here. Anything Spanish young people excited enough in this country. It's very nice and we have a major challenge ahead. "

  As for the new coach, Carlo Ancelotti, and the way they work, acknowledged: "There is good atmosphere. Last year we had. As a person seems very quiet, close and communicating with the players, and I think for us it will be very important. We have only two days and there has not been much time to talk of systems, how to play. We simply spent working. We had a little talk yesterday where he said more or less what I wanted. May we be a united and hardworking, with all professionals. "

  Nacho was also asked about Zidane and its role as part of the coaching staff: "From Player Zinedine must say little. As a coach is a very close and I think that throughout the year we will convey a lot of experience. It's been a great player and certainly as a coach is going to do very well. " Referring to the work they have done so far explained: "They are physical preparations are all ball and the players is the best way of working. It is much better because then what you need in the games. "

  Real Madrid defender made an assessment of last season and their aspirations for which has just started: "Last year was very important for me. First is true that the minutes had not wanted and I think it was very positive for me to play it down, because he took minutes and when the coach needed me up was much better because I had rhythm. This year I will not have that possibility, but I want to earn a place here, take minutes and play our best. Mourinho nice word and I have only praise. With it came the first team, he made his debut and I have many games in the first. To Mourinho I have only words of thanks. "

  Lastly, Nacho spoke of the responsibility of the team tackling each of the competitions and all you can bring it to the game: "We want to achieve our goals, as every year are to win it all. I have not yet had the opportunity to speak with the coach. He knows me well and FIFA Coins that I can play in any defensive position. I think for any coach that's important. "

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