The admission to 2014 is abutting inexorably

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  About a ages ago, we acclaimed a absurd final at the Cheap FUT Coins to put an end to the FIFA Confederations Cup 2013. Anniversary bout played in six stadiums presented the affectionate of ambiance we all achievement to reside in the FIFA Apple Cup. That is a amount of acclaim for the Brazilian fans. The players were apprenticed by the billow of affection from the stands. And the Sele??o contributed to this activity and the action with his adamant and adventuresome actions. Brazil 2013 and outstanding matches this antagonism became a awful adorable antic event.

  Afterwards years of planning, the FIFA Confederations Cup was assuredly the aboriginal absolute analysis for us organizers. All complex accept testified that the clash functioned satisfactorily, and accommodating teams (based on the comments received) fabricated themselves at home in Brazil.

  Clearly, there were some challenges and shortcomings. That's why this accident is so important. We were animated that they happened now, for so we can plan to advance those sites with a appearance to 2014. You can not apprehend aggregate to plan altogether in a absolutely new stages. That is area we will administer our efforts, while ensuring that the FIFA Apple Cup is a success for the teams, admirers and, a lot of importantly, for the host country, Brazil. A success that Brazilians can feel continued afterwards the final blare and that they will account from abounding improvements in infrastructure, a lot of of them, projects expedited by the alignment of the FIFA Apple Cup.

  "Only" are four simple belletrist that accept a bifold acceptation if allude to the alpha of the FIFA Apple Cup. On the one hand, accurate the feverish agitation and apprehension for the alpha of the championship, fueled by contempo condoning matches about the apple and the alpha of admission sales on 20 August. It "only" 313 canicule larboard for the June 12, 2014, if the continued delay assuredly conclude.

  On the added hand, those four belletrist reflect the acute efforts of the organizers (and actuality I am apropos to the LOC, FIFA and, particularly, the venues, the states and the federal government of Brazil) to ensure that aggregate is accessible on time. "Only" got 11 months for the adjudicator assault his blare in the aperture bout in Sao Paulo and the championship can alpha really.

  The focus has been more relapsing as football itself. So far, 1,837 accept been apparent 648 goals in the qualifiers, with an boilerplate of three goals per game. There are alone 172 amateur to apperceive the absolute account of the 32 accommodating countries. None accept been so quick as Japan, Australia, Iran and the Republic of Korea, back that quartet has been the aboriginal to accompany hosts Brazil at the time to accomplish his dream of aggressive in the apple finals next June and July . Currently, 87 teams abide in altercation to assure the coveted 27 actual tickets in the advancing weeks. In this regard, we are gluttonous the bench overlooking the aggregation branch to be organized with all the coaches and aggregation admiral in February 2014, Florianópolis is an option, but the accommodation of area they will be captivated in October 2013 .

  Preparations for the better date now absolutely accept become a colossal aggregate activity aggregate amid the stakeholders of the action and the host country, while plan continues at a accelerated pace. Immediately afterwards the FIFA Confederations Cup, anybody complex sat down to appraise what we accept learned, and are accommodating to strengthen the anemic links in the advancing months. And the action continues with the cessation of a abundant branch that includes twelve sites in aboriginal August, which, henceforth, will become a account appointment for barter of angle and allocation amid the LOC, FIFA , address and the federal government. Next to these forums, FIFA, in accord with host country stakeholders, will adapt three seminars for operators on acceptable administration of stadiums above 2014. The aboriginal will yield abode in mid-August Curitiba.

  For us, the organizers, the key focus now credibility to the twelve stadiums, with afterpiece ecology by itself six still beneath construction. The capital key to the success of the all-around showpiece next year is that we can alpha creating added basement for advice technology, telecommunications and advertisement in aboriginal 2014 at all stages; eventually do we get face to the Confederations Cup in adjustment to acquiesce time for testing and adjustments. The contest and parties captivated at anniversary area (whether approved matches Brazilian alliance and added events) are acute to analysis the facilities. That includes accessible transport, as able-bodied as the training of aegis porters and volunteers during the contest of truth.

  In adjustment to cope with the tasks and challenges faced in the seats, it's abundant that the Bounded Organizing Committee has already accustomed all based makers of the 12 cities, so that they can appoint in situ Day activities day. Its focus will be stadiums and operational aspects of the games, acknowledging bounded authorities and venues.

  Afterwards a few canicule of vacation, I accept absolutely capital to accomplish my next appointment to Brazil, from 19 to 22 August; few canicule you will appointment stadiums and added projects accompanying to the FIFA Apple Cup in Sao Paulo, Curitiba and Manaus.

  In this period, also, we will barrage the auction of tickets, on August 20 at 12:00 CET in FIFA. Currently we are advance a lot of efforts to ensure we can action the best account to the fans, accumulation what we accept abstruse through experience. But admirers charge not delay for the appropriate moment to accomplish your appeal for tickets, because no amount if you administer for the August 20 and October 10, if bankrupt the aboriginal appearance of sales as accommodated all requests and again we will a draw for those categories or parties to present oversubscribed.

  The next above anniversary in the continued alley to the FIFA Apple Cup in Brazil is the final cartoon on December 6 in Costa do Sauipe, Bahia. Then, the 32 able teams and football admirers about the apple apperceive the character of their opponents during the accumulation stage. We are alive in accord on the abstraction of the appearance for this important event, which is advancing to almanac a television admirers globally agnate to a bold of the FIFA Apple Cup.

  The admission to 2014 is abutting inexorably; steadily and still accepting drive at all times.

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