We accept the aplomb to affected difficulties

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  Harvey believes Barca played able-bodied overall, but still a little shy
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  Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets are abominably not able to yield advantage of Barcelona, Real Madrid lose credibility gap to bolt up.

  Harvey: Own goals as Real Madrid defeat Barcelona suicide did not appropriate the opportunity

  After accident 0-1 abroad to Real Sociedad Barcelona captain Xavi face the columnist fabricated a speech. Harvey said: "We do not wish to appear that we accept created an own ambition adventitious dominant, scoring a lot of times the ambit from about point we alpha to stumble, like suicide, like an own goal, but we absolutely play today. actual well. Real Sociedad played a acceptable game, abnormally the defense. " In the added bout in the aforementioned day agitated out, Real Madrid absent to Valencia, Barcelona absent the adventitious to bolt up with Harvey accepted integral: "It is a benevolence really, did not appropriate the befalling to abate the credibility difference." The afterward are added players allocution Essentials:

  Iniesta: "We care to yield this befalling to attenuated the credibility gap caster with Real Madrid, but abominably lose, because too aboriginal own goal. In fact, we accept a adventitious to about-face things around, we controlled the bold a lot of of the time." "The alone affair we did not do the things that goal. Our aggregation played well, played accent was aswell actual good, the brawl is aswell actual good, but could not score."

  "In the accomplished few years, abounding competitors use a continued canyon approach aching us, but today this is abnormally bad."

  Busquets: "We were a little balked because Real Madrid lose a while we did not appropriate the befalling to hunt points. We achievement the new year a acceptable start, but every year to do so. Now we accept to reflect on it, and again move forward."

  "The aperture bold is consistently on abaft actual difficult. Sometimes we can be reversed, sometimes difficult, football is the case."

  "We did not lose confidence, we accept the aplomb to affected difficulties." "What's a little aboriginal to say now. Next we wish to play the King's Cup, and again La Liga and the Champions League. We charge to progress."

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