Watch for the Betray about Crackers

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  Hey guys, the Black Santa hat was accessible on Dec. 20 2013. Accept you anytime get one? This hat is a attenuate account which can be becoming during the 15 canicule of festivities. You World of Warcraft Gold to cull absurd to get it. Today, gold4fans.com will allotment some means about how to get added absurd for your Black Santa hat hunt.

  1. Go to the Falador Party Room to get Crackers. There are two affairs for you everyday-- 2am and 8pm GMT. Here are abounding things you charge to yield notice: Firstly, don’t yield your pets or followers which will stop added players from accepting a adventitious at a cracker. Secondly, just about-face your accessible babble off, alone leave your accompany chat. This can abstain the lag in some ways.

  2. Complete you aboriginal circadian challenge. By accomplishing the aboriginal circadian challenge, there will be a cracker awarded to you.

  3. From Dec. 20th to 24th, there will be a circadian puzzles acquaint on the forums in a appropriate Blithe Cryptic Clue Fest. Players will apperceive what items and its quantities they charge in their account with the advice of those puzzles. You just charge to allege to the defined NPC with these items in their inventory. Again you can accept a blithe cracker.

  4. Do some abilities and combats which can acquire circuit tickets. Some players chopped willows for about 5 hours and accept acquired 4 crackers. Some acquired 1 cracker by accomplishing action for one hour.

  5. Get 10k acclaim from the additional World Event: the bird and the beast.

  6. Remember abrasion your six pieces of Christmas Gear if accomplishing action and skills, by accomplishing this, you will accept a 120% adventitious to get the cracker.

  Watch for the Betray about Crackers

  Since anybody wants the Black Santa hat, players with absurd are now affairs their pulls. Some players who accept little ability about the absurd will be cheated by them. The betray works basically like this, they get absurd and again states that affairs cull for 100k-200m.

  Someone will buy it because they anticipate that they can get Black Santa hat. However, alone the buyer can get items in crackers, the affairs humans just can get 1k XP for accidental skill.

  These are the capital means to get blithe crackers. Try them now and get added adventitious to access the Black Santa hat. As a tradable item, the Black Santa hat can be traded with 1B gold. So you can buy cheapest rs 3 gold to access that hat.

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