About the specs of dirt on your Shiitake Mushrooms

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Simple Mushroom Fajitas This quick and easy recipe is brought to us by Nick from Macheesmo, who claims he doesn’t always have time to cook elaborate 3 hour meals. Well Nick, we hear you. Check out this dish full of color, flavor and a little Tex-Mex kick.

5 Ways to Prevent Cold and Flu GirlGetStrong is ready for the approaching flu season. Rebecca shares the Top 5 Foods that boost the immune system to help protect your body from bacterial and viral infection. Crimini mushrooms made the list since they have over 50% of the selenium your body needs each day.

The “Clean” Dirt on Mushrooms Ever get a little worried about the specs of dirt on your Shiitake Mushrooms? Most of us wash them off or use a special brush to clean our mushrooms. News Canada shares important information about how “clean” those particles of dirt actually are. A must read if you’re worried about cooking and it includes tips for washing them.

Think Pink! Lifestyle Expert Lynn Becker joins San Diego Living to feature items that promote healthy living. With October being National Breast Cancer Awareness month, Becker featured some items benefiting the research toward finding a cure for breast cancer. The segment includes food and beauty items you can purchase almost anywhere. Our very special pink tilled mushroom packages are shown, so make sure to pick some up for yourself.

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