we have already adopted to buy fifa coins pc continue to

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buy coins fifa 15Report according to"tportal.hr" of Croatia medium, once the effect is in Dalian Croatia forward Lai of Er strand was proud-the undergraduate course was accepting the survey that the international foot unites, because of and Dalian the Er strand existed dispute, the undergraduate course could not represent the Sa of effect to pull now by next year spring hot the nest FK appeared.Croatia medium call that undergraduate course's incumbency industry career high peak period received to come from Dalian the Er strand look like captivating offer and from now on starts walking up the down slope road.In September, this year, with Dalian the Er strand lose contact of undergraduate course become number of a black super league match crack troop Sa to pull hot nest FK club to acquire authorities to declare, but he still can not take part in a game, because the international foot is allied to encounter to him the Er strand owe salary of the circumstance still investigate in the middle, disallow to return to a ground to compete in this period, dispute until just have already hoped solution next year spring.

The undergraduate course means:"I can not bear with a nonappearance game, I have never met this circumstance, I am an occupation player, what I want to do is assiduous to train, offer utmost effort drive the opportunity for taking part in a game."Croatia medium think the situation of undergraduate course for all just at in consideration of the foreign country continues all of buy ultimate team coins xbox 360 Croatia players of occupation career development are caution.Wait several Italy medium to report according to"ultimecalcionapoli.it", idea A crack troop Naples of best lead to aid a target is Croatia side Feng Yi of fertile virtuous A the Er man Si fortress ten thousand-wear an inside west strange.The Italian medium widespreadly think that the fertile Er man Si fortress leaves after intending usher in Chinese player, Zhang Xi Zhe, probably for filling up to wear an inside the west strange leave a brigade of empty lack, become facilitate wearing an inside west strange become number of Naples of beneficial factor.

In the new rules, if a 11 people system player gets hurt but loses behavior ability while being recalled the game of taking part in the A brigade, the player's place's foreign club can apply for repair to FIFA.For example Zhang Xi Zhe tiny Bo data if be recalled by Chinese brigade to take part in an A class game, get hurt and can not take part in a league match in the national brigade, the fertile Er man Si fortress can apply for repair to FIFA, FIFA will pay expenses to the wolf fortress according to the repair protection item of explicit rules.Although the many people will feel upset to our reform steps,I want to be emphatic BE, we have already adopted to buy fifa coins pc continue to descend of activity.In fact, before Switzerland judicial section take action, we have already provided office file and material to the Switzerland government at the end of last year.Let me emphasize 1:00, football world in no case should has this kind of misfeasance, we want to ensure these misfeasance clearance to go out.After this matter, is investigating 2018, in 2022 world cup's biding for the independent morals committee of affairs will also quickly take some action, temporarily forbid those be drawn in the person of this matter is engaged in any activity that has relation with football, ignore in the native foot help still the international foot is allied.These activities are correct, and the international foot is allied at pass by one in the last years to the measure adopted by the member who breaches morals norm basic likeness.We will continue to cooperate with authorities concerned, and improve actively and hard international foot allied inner part with uproot any misfeasance, re-collect everyone's trust, ensure that world-wide locations football sport is free from misfeasance influence.

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