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buy fifa coins fifa 15The soldier checks The examination candidate who is included in soldier check sphere participates to save an organic soldier of military district to check, the hour sets at June 24 to June 29. all soldier check the item end on the 28th and gather a condition on the 29thThe whole provinceses establish Chuang in the stone home and protect to settle 2 soldiers to check a station, among them, regional examination candidate conform the examination candidate register some address region for bat batch, down and together in Chuang include Xin Ji, Han Dan and Xing stand, Tangshan and gallery shop in the stone home, participate soldier check in stone home Chuang City;Protect to settle include settle state, Cang state include north China oil field, Heng water, Zhang Jia Kou, accept virtuous, Qinhuangdao regional examination candidate, at protect settle the municipality participate soldier check.Each soldier checks the concrete hour of station to set, is checked the military sub district take precautions against ward assurance of standing the address earth by each soldier, and notify the easy to understand near bear arms department of each county municipality, ward person.if what recognize to register for examination troops armed police does the college and national defense living soldier check ruling legal statutes?Save training examination hospital and military district in the province to solicit students office secundum the examination candidate registers for examination unconstraint and adaptation to register for examination spring for autumn of examination candidate, distinguish a college, literary style section and men and women to living, there under each college solicits students to raise to count of 3 times, from high mark to the seriatim of low mark, recognize to be included in to participate soldier check object.

Gao Kao checkup conclusion in province omission examination candidate whether is participate soldier check conditionParts of colleges register for examination to living a source to come short of to solicit students to raise calculate of 3 times, have never brought into soldier check sphere and obey orders a college to voluntarily temper of in the high mark examination candidate, there under from high mark to the seriatim of low mark, the stand to reason enlargement participates soldier check examination candidate's quantity , the quousque hits to solicit students to raise calculate of 3 times, but don't must be lower than two wires.The examination candidate who is included in soldier check sphere, the beard arrives a county municipality, ward at 10 00 on June 24 person easy to understand near bear arms department, with my certificate of identification, preparation research, inquire politics examines conclusion.Politics examines an on gauge examination candidate and receives politics examine table , and buy ios fifa 15 coins stipulate arriving to specify an address to participate soldier check inside the hour.Politics examines unqualified the check for no longer participating a soldier.The examination candidate needs to take author politics examines table , certificate of identification while participating soldier check, preparation research.The troops' college, armed police troops college recruits a popular senior high school to graduate to living to give up to recruit national defense to living with part of popular deluxe Hong in 2015, the physical examination runs troops' college recruits student physical examination standard try a row rearguard 2015]904 numbers new standard.One is added some inspection items.Strengthened to check to the serious paroxysm bank, the screen sieve of eye disease check, thin turned female student to check item and standard, increased waist intervertebral disc herniation and strong set plumb ridge pole fire, anus side the history of the abscess, pneumothorax and pneumothorax and electrocardiogram pr the interphase shorten, prepare kinase wave item with unqualified etc.

Two is looser a parts of inspection standard.Appropriately loosered body height, body weight, and vision...etc. mental index mark standard.Won't affect the slightly false fallacy that the military discipline drills, stretch such as the cubiti super , pure Zhi articulation bomb ring, under the light kilowatt hour squat down anti the whole and part of slight skin is fargone, bring into qualified sphere.The readjustment loosers parts, such as text body and scar formation...etc. and dimension restriction, the undercut single item cut.Three is perfect parts of inspection standard.Stipulate all popular a disease, spirit sickness and sex to spread sickness all unqualified.Is big white the scoliosis, the arms and legs pure Zhi bone fracture, big knuckle disease, benign tumor and cyst and positive Ji pull out a tooth, belly super voice, gynecology super voice, electrocardiogram, with buy fifa coins xbox 360 acute communicable disease past muster after curing of standard.Four is dissolved fraction inspection item.Will hard the operating infectivity lepra patient get in touch with a history, get car sickness, get sea sickness in the checkup, chronic pair sinusitis, night soil routine etc. check item, and clinical sensus anti big ketonuria liquid exoenzyme not refined to look at, ph number and specific density standard inflict repeal.troops armed police the college and popular deluxe Hong give up national defense to living with what style pass?The troops' college, armed police troops college recruits a popular senior high school to graduate to living and the part of popular deluxe Hong give up to recruit national defense to living and all award to pass in advance in the undergraduate course and divide an undergraduate course in advance award an and b is two batches, pr. job deliver troops' college, armed police troops first the college and popular deluxe Hong give up national defense to living one unconstraint examination candidate, again deliver other colleges profession.

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