Fantastic Product

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Update afterwards 3 cords. The China vertical log splitter still starts aboriginal or additional cull and splits annihilation I bandy at it. I do accept a brace of issues afterwards application it for a while.

First would be application it in the vertical position the bankrupt goes appropriate in your face as commented on in beforehand reviews by added people. Another affair (not a architecture flaw) is the bottom admeasurement if application it in the vertical position.

It is difficult to position a ample log and authority it while agreeable with the baby foot. As I address this I am architecture a ample bowl that will fit over and attach to the accepted bottom that will accord me 2’x2’ apparent breadth to position ample log in the vertical position.

Out of larboard over 1” aboveboard tubing and extra broadcast wire I body a log catcher that saves acrimonious up bisected breach logs. They advertise one but I had the material. I bought a 4 way splitter adapter but so far it hasn’t lived up to its advertising.

And endure I am aghast that one annoy went collapsed afterwards alone 3 trips into the woods.

When all is said and done even with these accessory issues you can’t exhausted this splitter.

The Log splitter has affluence of ability .

After the aboriginal hour I knew this was a abundant acquirement would acclaim to home buyer or baby mural company

Fantastic Product

Log splitter cranked on the aboriginal pull. It took us no time to breach about 1 1/2 ricks of wood. The logs we were agreeable were red oak and they were knotty.

Cheap log splitters went thru them like  a knife acid butter. Excellent Log spiltter. would reccommend to anyone.

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