I am very happy with this log splitter

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27 - Ton Logsplitter

I am very happy with this Log splitter. I spent a long time researching and watching youtube videos of all the different log splitters that are available.

For the price it is perfect for splitting all types of hardwood. There is nothing this splitter can't handle. I bought it and split about 5 cords of wood right off the bat. Oak, Maple, Pine, Cherry etc. it split them all without issue.

If you are undecided about if you should buy a 20 ton splitter for less money or the this 27 ton splitter for a little more buy the 27 ton. You will not be happy with a 20 ton especially with real hard wood it struggles to get through it where this splitter never hesitates!

I purchased the Troybilt wood splitter after researching this product, and believe my I'm glad I did.

When I got home with it I ended up splitting two cords of oak, and it split every piece with no problem. It is very powerful, but what I didn't like about it was that I couldn't find a cover to go over it.

I didn't want to leave it out in the weather. My wife made a suggestion that we take the tounge off of it, and stow it in the shed. The tongue has two bolts to take off, and we stowed it in the vertical position which didn't take up much room at all.

The other nice thing I liked was the Tractor splitter ability to split wood in the vertical position as I had some rounds that were just to heavy to lift. I would highly reccomend this product.

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