Players who have witout a doubt purchased the game for TOS Silver

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Players who have witout a doubt purchased the game for TOS Silver products previously is able to buy the discounted packs also, since they are treated as new services. This discount will start taking the 21st as planned all of which will remain available until near the F2P transition date. These 50%-off DLC products won't take regional pricing into account as are going to discontinued before F2P as well as regional pricing implementation for your SA and SEA servers.

Due to such change of plans, we had to thrust the F2P release date back as a way to account for longer preparing. Our goal is to end transferring teams to the right servers first before opening our game to the public. We expect the transition to F2P to happen sometime early to mid-May, and we will produce a separate announcement once the date is confirmed. We apologize to whoever has been waiting eagerly for the F2P transition.

Again, we apologize for the instability within our service. We're going to continuously strive to provide a pleasant in addition to fair environment where players can truly take pleasure in the game itself. Thank you for the concerns and support.

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