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Fifa 17 Points Bill new features introduced movie coming second

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Fifa 17 Points Bill new features introduced movie coming second, masha, tell you play FIFA 17 new offensive skills of the way to use it. Is the instep and also heading the rebound shot inside heart of the FIFA 17th possible, more concealment game allow you to really like Harvey's pass master

FIFA 17 coins engage in formally announced new attributes. This appearance is Royce, he introduced the FIFA teen more intelligent to teammates movement characteristics. In 17, your team-mate will be able to "analysis" around itself. When you get the particular ball, they will be looking for the best chances and movement. Unaware of the ball good players can establish a more offensive line available for you.

FIFA 17 coins will always be invited on July 7, 22 test activities, the EA will compel some senior players for you to EA's headquarters in vancouver, Canada to test this FIFA 17th. In addition on September 30, to FIFA 17th check internal competition. Believe that EA will in line with the state of play after the test, and test the player feedback to regulate the balance of the FIFA 17th.

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