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Ok, so we know that always, we try to possess some news or a guidebook about OSRS or even inform you about that we are still the best place to Buy Runescape Gold. But we do also want to share weird and fantastic things we find on YouTube and today we have for a video from Runescape gamer and YouTuber, Framed. Who actually has a great deal of Runescape videos, but this one really caught our eye. Just a warning that this video contains a modest amount of bad language so will not have the sound blaring should you be at work!

The idea here is actually trying to see how much XP they can make do Dragonfire Shield Running. They are doing this over a lower level and to express they are spamming it's putting it mildly. Now some people may wonder what's the point? Why are they accomplishing this? How is this exciting? And who the heck cares? But the Runescape community is amongst the best and videos like this show how players comprise their own little online game where they basically increase team other players.

Some might see this particular as harsh or trolling, but it is done to all good fun and actually it is not like they're robbing people of high end stuff now they are purely accomplishing this for their own amusement and while it's not to everyone's taste, we think it is quite interesting how people do stuff like this to make Old School Runescape more enjoyable.

What do you guys visualize Old School Runescape videos such as this? Have you ever made your little "mini game" as well as done something just on your own amusement in the sport?

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