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VXDIAG MULTI Diagnostic Tool WLAN Firmware Reset Procedure

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This is the firmware reset instruction for vxdiag devices (VXDIAG Multi Diag Serie) beginning with V71 ***** serial number.

1.Open VXDIAG, take out mainboard, use lan cable to connect with laptop first, Press S2, meanwhile to connect OBD2 cable for power, keep pressing S2 for 3 mintues, during this period, you may heard 2 beeping.As the picture shows:

Vxdiag Wlan Firmware Reset 1

2.Then to loose pressing S2

Vxdiag Wlan Firmware Reset 2

3.land website:, click that.

Vxdiag Wlan Firmware Reset 3

4.Select that file and click that.

Vxdiag Wlan Firmware Reset 4

5.Click Update Firmware, wait some mintues.

Vxdiag Wlan Firmware Reset 5

6.Until hear a beep, blue light blinking, all lights on.

Vxdiag Wlan Firmware Reset 6

7.Click VX Manager to check device connection.


PS:You can just do steps 1 and 2 and the rest of the engineers will do it for you remotely.


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