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But it isn't just affairs the feathers

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This adversary is accustomed as a Chicken affiliated 1 Yes you apprehend it right, this affiliated craven which can be begin on the images beneath (farmers den), gives the best bulk of money per drop. They can bead accoutrement in abundance of 5-15 which is account 220-660 gold in the accustomed Admirable barter price. In one hour of angry with my action affiliated I becoming about 1500-2000 accoutrement afterwards accepting to run to the coffer or eat food. At college action levels like 45 magic,ranged, affray you get a multi ambition move that makes killing chickens so abundant faster.

But it isn't just affairs the feathers, it's about fletching them into headless arrows. Just buy the arrow shafts because it is a decay of time woodcutting afresh authoritative it to arrow shafts. Affairs it is abundant quicker could cause the time you spent on the action is beneath gold becoming than killing added chickens. *Please agenda that prices change depending on the admirable exchange After accomplishing this a brace times you now accept at atomic a acceptable bulk of RS Gold in your inventory. Now buy accoutrement and arrow shafts over night as there is a buy absolute of 10K accoutrement aural 4 hours and 20K arrow shafts in 4 hours. Warning consistently try and buy accoutrement at the everyman bulk (GE bulk is just a baseline guide).

The ambush is to advertise 1 calamus for the everyman bulk accessible and at charter see how abundant it goes for. If it is a acceptable bulk (below GE) afresh buy a accomplished lot. If it is GE price, afresh at atomic put 1~3 gold beneath than what it goes for OSRS fire cape. Depending on how fast you wish it depends on the bulk you put. Now if you advertise the headless arrows, buy 1 headless arrow at max price. This will acquaint you how abundant you can advertise it for. 1 Gold makes a aberration because anticipate about it, at 10,000 arrows that is 10k added accumulation you earn, 5 gold is 50k and so forth. Don't quick advertise and yield your time with the profits.
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