15 Treasure Hunter Keys free given from Runescape Twitch Prime

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Until May 8, people who connect Twitch account to runescape gold Amazon account can receive 15 Treasure Hunter Keys. Now Runescape Rainbow’s End is in full swing on Treasure Hunter. It is the best chance to win eye- catching rainbow cape! You can also buy cheap runescape gold on 4rsgold to make the adventure smooth. How to get rainbow cape quickly in Runescape Rainbow’s End? The new Treasure Hunter, Rainbow’s End, goes live until April 17. It rewards all members a rainbow cape and necklace. All these prizes are tradable.
In this event, players can win multiplier tokens Squiffberry while opening the rainbow chests. These tokens can unlock a bunch of multipliers which apply to every prize on Treasure Hunter and multiply the prize up to 7 times. But the multiplier is unavailable for multiplier tokens. Before May 8, Twitch Prime members who connect their twitch account to Amazon account can receive 15 Treasure Hunter Keys which can be used to any Runescape Treasure Hunter event, including Rainbow’s End. Besides, the rewards include 1 month’s runescape membership, rs legendary pet, and 200 RuneCoins.
Twitch Prime is a new premium experience, whose members can get benefits of bonus loot in your favorite games, ad-free viewing on Twitch, and a channel subscription every 30 days. If you are one of Twitch Prime members, now please connect your account to Amazon account and then claim Twitch prime runescape code for free treasure hunter cape and membership. Runescape Rainbow’s End is only available to play in limited time. If you want to obtain rainbow cape, take the time to go for it! 4rsgold is the best choice to buy cheap runescape gold, with the safe transaction and fast delivery.
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