OSRS Inferno release date is set to June 1

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It is well-known that the Inferno, the hardest solo PvM challenge, is located at the core of the volcanic city of Mor Ul Rek. Only the most skilled adventurers have a chance of making it to the final wave, and fewer will survive their encounter with TzKal-Zuk, an ancient, unnatural ancestor of TzTok-Jad. You will be able to take the challenge since June 1.
As we all know, players have to sacrifice a fire cape. You can click here to learn the requirements and details of the Inferno. Here is the list of the challenges in the Inferno:
1. Infernal Eels flows. Players with level 80 Fishing can fish then from the lava if they have an Oily Rod and are using Ice Gloves. Infernal Eels have a chance of Infernal Eels and some tokkul.
2. Players with level 90 Thieving will be able to find new targets for pickpocketing, in order to gain gems and tokkul.

An Infernal Cape and more will also be live in OSRS
Players who succeed within the Inferno will be rewarded with an Infernal Cape. Since it is available from June 1, it will be the best-in-slot melee cape and a true status symbol in Gielinor. What’s more, the first to obtain osrs Infernal Cape will be rewarded something special that the game never offered before.The Infernal Cape design has been finalized, and you can take a peek of the cape from the right picture.Now it is time to level up your fishing and thieving skills in order to gain more gems and tokkul, and osrs Infernal Cape, from the Inferno. Now is the best time to buy runescape gold osrs on our site.
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