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Runescape Tour of the palace

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The entire place is intended to display the wealth and power of the Emir. It is the largest and most impressive building in the city of Al Kharid itself, with expensive architectural details. The furniture and other furnishings throughout the palace are ornate and opulent. Many finely-carved statues made of a dark desert stone are situated throughout the palace and courtyard. The statues all depict the same man, but it is unknown if the person is the Emir or someone else.
As Al Kharid is in the northern Kharidian Desert, one conspicuous display of wealth is the lavish use of water, with an open fountain in the courtyard and many non-desert plants throughout the palace.Buy Cheap RS Gold at OGPAL website,more Cheap rs3 gold you purchase,more surprises you can get.We wish to continue being the top Runescape gold supplier that buyers and sellers can turn to for an exchange that they feel comfortable every step of the way.
An impenetrable hedge surrounds almost the entire the palace and is made of lush bushes found nowhere else in Al Kharid. A gap in the northern hedge serves as the single entrance to the palace grounds. There is no gate or other means to bar entry to the palace grounds. Nevertheless, the palace is defended, as many Al-Kharid warriors can be found throughout the courtyard and the entire ground floor of the palace. If one of the warriors is attacked, his comrades rush to his aid. The warriors can also be pick-pocketed, by players with sufficient Thieving skill.Ogpal.com is a professional Runescape gold seller offering cheap RS Gold. We only provide you with the best service.OGPAL offers the most exclusive pricing and the fastest delivery service available for Runescape gold players!
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