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In recent years, research on this organism has made substantial progress using improved identification and molecular methods including multilocus sequence typing. A number of virulence traits have been proposed but have not been studied to date with respect to detailed aspects of the virulence potential and host response. Therefore this project compared 34 isolates of C.

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The important dimensions that emerged are the significance of the collectivist culture of Malaysia in influencing BWEs' business survival and the political privileges that influence BWEs' access to GESPs. This study revealed that government organisations appear to be the dominant source of external support for BWEs in the handicraft industry in Malaysia. However, the way the GESPs are designed, implemented and evaluated do not reflect the business needs of BWEs.

Hu Ph H B TRE For 68 year old Nguy V L being a fisherman was not just a job, it was a way of life. L spent most of his life fishing off the coast of Th Thu Commune, B Tre Province, but is now retired. His love and the sea has never waned though, and he has earned the nickname soul thanks to his collection of 400 model fishing boats and cargo ships.

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