special day——true story 特殊的一天——真实的故事

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Today was a normal day until ......
   My daughter and me finished lunch at Dimsum restaurant after her mandarin class.
   I asked her:"Yang, can mommy go out to play pingpong afternoon?" when we were on the way home.
   She answered:"No, mommy, I need you stay home to do something with me."
   "What's that?" 
   "Now, I don't know. After I discuss with grandma, then I know."
   "Really? Are you sure? "
   "Yes,a hundred percent."
   "Ok." I said with sigh.

  "Mom, please can you stay in living room? I need to do something with grandma." after we got home, she said to me.

  It seemed she was cleaning washroom.
  I thought: haha, I gave her $2 for tidying up living room last time. It works. Now, she's cleaning bathtub. But, I won't give her money this time for encouraging this kinds of behaviour.

   "Mom, come, come here."
   "I'm coming."
   I stared at the tub because I saw roses floating in the water.
   "Please take off your cloth, and enjoying your bath!" my daughter said
to me with happy voice before I said something.
   "It's for me?! oh, thank you, my lovely daughter. I love you."with kiss on her face.
   "I love you too. Enjoy it!"
   I lied in the water. It was warm and fragrant. I closed my eyes, and felt so
comfortable and relax.
   "I should do this to my mom tomorrow."I thought.

Thank you, my daughter, not only to thank you for doing all this for me, but also to thank you teaching me how to love!

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