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Barcode Scanner Turnstile Application Principle

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Nowadays, the global economy is developing rapidly, and mobile electronic products are rising increasingly. The turnstile that only supports NFC reading function can not satisfy the young people's pursuit nowadays. Because of the fast pace of life today, many office workers often forget to carry paper passes and cannot freely enter or leave the office building, which makes them often be refused at the entrance of the brake.

Barcode scanners can eliminate this completely. The barcode reader embedded into the turnstile, can read not only printed bar codes but also QR codes on the mobile phone's screen. Office workers only need to install their company's official APP on their own mobile phones to produce a screen QR code for access control. Users only need to put the screen QR code above the barcode scanner and be reading by the barcode scanner on the turnstile for access control.

The working principle of turnstile barcode scanner is:
Our fixed mount barcode scanner is a receiver for bar code information.Our barcode scanner connects the Wiegand control board through the converter of RS232 to Wiegand, and then the Wiegand control board connects the 8 ports network switches through the TCP/IP protocol,and then the network switch sends a signal to your server to verify that the bar code information is valid.
If it is valid, the server will return the bar code signal back to the network switch and then the network switch send the command to the wiegand control board to control the switch on.

What is a good barcode scanner recommend for the turnstile?
RD4600 2d barcode scanner has a interface is USB or RS-232.It reads close printed or screen barcodes with 5 to 10mil precision.Its light source is LED white light and the Industrial grade is IP54. At the same time,small streamlined design makes it perfect for embedding in the various types of self-service machines to use,like Kiosk,Turnstile,Vending Machine,Smart Locker,very nice.

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