The Necessity of Face Temp Measurement and Epidemic Prevention in Hospitals

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Non-contact face recognition temperature measurement and access control is an important means to improve the normalized information management of epidemic prevention and control in hospitals. Combined with the national health code precision epidemic prevention application program, it can provide personnel in hospitals and various public places with high risk of infection outbreaks. Provide convenience for entry and exit. Real-time mask wearing test, body temperature screening and health code identification verification are carried out for all entering personnel during a specific period, which can effectively improve the efficiency of temperature measurement and the level of epidemic prevention and control, and reduce the possibility of large-scale infections caused by suspected patients entering the hospital .

As a medical care facility with large population mobility, complicated in and out visitors, and high risk of infection, epidemic prevention temperature testing and health code inspection are essential. Once there is an epidemic infection, the consequences will be very serious. Therefore, a local government treats hospitals. The rigorous inspection measures should not be negligent. So, in which scenarios can the face temperature measurement and access control integrated machine and the national health code precision epidemic prevention application solution be deployed?

Application of facial recognition temperature measurement and health code verification integrated machine deployed in different locations in hospital scenes

The face recognition temperature measurement and access control integrated machine can be used with access control or gates, combined with a face recognition system, a body sensing and temperature integrated access control system, a national government platform health code platform system, etc., which can realize different functions in different scenarios.
Department at the main entrance of the hospital
Face recognition verification of personnel entering the hospital, face recognition temperature measurement with masks, can screen health codes and persons with abnormal body temperature in real time for early warning and control, and reduce the risk of infection and infection. When the face recognition temperature measurement access control system detects abnormal body temperature, it will automatically send out an alarm to remind the surrounding people. After docking with the national government platform health code (state health code) application interface, it can be confirmed by scanning the state health code Health code status, use the health code big data to trace the health code status of the personnel's 14-day track history, after identification, based on the permission result, release or warning.

Deployed at the entrance of the hospital administration building
It can implement access control and attendance applications for each entrance scene of the hospital, providing convenience for internal personnel to enter and exit. The first is to cooperate with the access control application, which can restrict the entry and exit of non-institute personnel in the entrance scene of the unit administrative building. Doctors and internal staff can quickly pass through by "brushing their faces" to confirm their identities. The second is to cooperate with face recognition attendance applications to improve attendance efficiency. Doctors and internal staff can attend attendance by swiping their faces, and the system records attendance data in real time, which is convenient for managers to check attendance status and effectively ensure the authenticity of attendance.

The face recognition temperature measurement and access control all-in-one machine (health code access column type) can not only be deployed in hospital scene applications, provide convenience for personnel passage and ensure safety; especially in the coming autumn and winter, the high incidence of infectious diseases and studying abroad at the end of the year, etc. The return period of returnees can also be applied to other more public scenarios, such as hospitals, schools, communities, government and enterprise units, high-speed rail, airports, docks, overseas gateways and various public places.ect.

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