F2-FHX face recognition and temperature measurement

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Affected by the recent outbreak in Beijing, the level of prevention and control in various places has gradually increased. Then public places, such as schools, communities, stadiums,  property service centers in corporate building, etc. have begun to focus on body temperature detection and group disinfection protection work. In order to prevent the epidemic expansion, more accurate and efficient disinfection integrated machine with face recognition and temperature measurement F2-FHX (disinfection model), has been adopted in relevant places with a large flow of people to help prevent and control the epidemic.

Our F2 temperature measurement and disinfection integrated machine can perform non-contact infrared body temperature detection for people passing through the entrance of public space, and judge whether the person has abnormal body temperature in a safe and accurate manner. At the same time, the face temperature measurement and disinfection terminal can also Spray disinfection the hand of the person to avoid potential spread of the epidemic. When a passer-by is standing at a designated location for face temperature measurement, there is no need to remove the mask. The temperature measurement can be completed in just 1 to 2s. At the same time, the hands can be disinfected while the temperature is being measured to avoid viral bacterial infections, reduce transmission and the spread of the epidemic, improve the efficiency of prevention and control, reduce the workload of staff, and reduce the risk of exposure of staff before suspected patients.
It can be flexibly deployed according to different scenarios and can realize different applications. So, what scenarios can the face recognition, temperature measurement and disinfection machine be deployed in? According to reports, F2-FHX can be widely used in schools, comprehensive parks, banks, government agencies, hospitals, enterprises, ports of entry and exit, ports, airports, wharves, stations, stadiums, large supermarkets, hotels, and customs or other public places and other entrances and exits during the epidemic. It can be installed in an indoor or semi-outdoor environment without sunlight. Independent disinfection automatic induction spray function and non-contact automatic induction drop hand sanitizer are much safer and hygienic; even after the epidemic, it can be used as a routine access control time and attendance terminals to minimize business costs.
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