Face Recognition Temperature Measurement and Health Code to Prevention Epidemic

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The introduction of the health code verification and face temperature measurement all-in-one machine is to ensure that passers-by can quickly perform temperature detection, identity verification and health code verification and so on applications at the entrance of public places during the special period of the epidemic, aiming to improve the safety of epidemic prevention and control work. At same time, It also provides data support for the government and relevant disease control departments to deal with related public safety incidents.

The current global epidemic has exceeded tens of millions, and the resumption of work and production across the country, the opening of schools, and the beginning of a intensive flow of people in public places have brought new challenges to epidemic prevention, especially in areas where there are sporadic cases and local outbreaks at risk, such as schools, enterprises and institutions, government affairs centers, wholesale markets, office buildings, building property service centers and other densely populated (semi-closed) high-risk places, in which are difficult for temperature screening and health code verification. The staff is dense, requiring a lot of manpower to contact the investigation, temperature measurement, and check the health code. There is a risk of cross-infection, and the screening workers need to work for a long time. They are prone to fatigue and easy to make mistakes. Therefore, it is common to install such a facial recognition thermometer all-in-one device at the entrance of the above-mentioned closed (semi-enclosed) public service places. When people enter these places, they can automatically measure their temperature by brushing their faces (no need to take off the mask), and complete the comparison with the ID card, display the health code to scan the code, voice prompts for body temperature information and identify the health code status, green code passes, yellow code and red code alarm.

The health code anti-epidemic face recognition and temperature measurement application has been tested in many provinces and cities across the country from the early stage of the epidemic to the present, and its epidemic prevention effect is significant. Since the health code verification face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machine can be connected with the interface data of the epidemic prevention health code application across the country, it can ensure that the current health code status and body temperature information can be recognized in real time, which has very significant functions for the government and relevant disease control departments work, such as in focusing on the health management of regional personnel of the epidemic situation, mastering the trajectory of activities, and establishing health monitoring mechanisms 
In addition, the wide range of applications of face recognition and temperature measurement of health codes for epidemic prevention also includes basic functional applications of face recognition terminals, such as face recognition access control, non-contact face recognition time attendance, visitor management and identity verification in public places, and so on Intelligent applications, which can be suitable for use in various industry scenarios to achieve temperature measurement and epidemic prevention and protection work applications during the epidemic. At the same time, it can also be used as a regular access control and attendance terminal after the epidemic. According to the needs of the scene, face recognition can be expanded more functional applications when enters and exits

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of automatic identification of the Internet of Things and an in-depth understanding of the health code anti-epidemic face recognition and temperature measurement application, RAKINDA launched the "triple function of the face recognition health code verification integrated machine F2-FHS "It fully demonstrates the advantages of smart epidemic prevention. It is understood that the F2-FHS vertical face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machine (health code pass column type) has a built-in thermal imaging human temperature measurement module, which effectively solves many problems in a non-contact and non-sensing way, such as real-time temperature detection, identity verification, and health code verification under the high concentration of people in public places. Issues and high liquidity conditions. And it can automatically generate body temperature attendance records, data statistical analysis and reports (exportable), and form big data on temperature measurement and health codes in the first time, which can better assist the government in epidemic prevention and control. At present, the product has been put into use in the market in batches, and is widely used in various industries and various scenarios in the front line of the society to protect the health of citizens. It is highly praised by new and old customers at home and abroad, and it provides diversified and all-round one-stop artificial intelligence products and services for domestic and foreign customers.

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